Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Post - Thursday May 15

This is the first post to Tour de Bocrie.
So maybe we're a little crazy! Our plan is to fly to San Francisco and bike home. If the Rockie's don't kill us and the long straight roads of middle America don't bore us to death, we'll see you in a month or two.

the BEFORE picture........


Back From Hatteras - Friday May 23

Okay, so maybe it was a little windy but we made it back to Va Bch last night.

back from hatteras.JPG
We did have a break on the Pungo/Currituck Ferry.
As you can see, Jerry was having a hard time relaxing.
jerry relaxing.JPG
Good trip, learned a lot, especially that a stay at a really nice hotel by the third night is a must!
Happy Memorial Weekend!!!!!

Many Thanks to All

Here goes our Oscar Thank You speech.
We realize this should be at the end of our trip, but just in case we're not feeling all that happy or we can't remember anything, anybody or are in no mood to say thank you to the people who contributed to our pain............this is it!
Our many thanks to Chris, Sonya, Bill, Robyn, Kim, Justin and Lucy for the bike trip send off this past Friday. Great time! Great Friends!

great friends.JPG
Additional (but no less heartfelt) Thank You's to:
Robert from Conte's at Red Mill for getting us fitted (over and over again) to our bikes; so we're as pain free as possible, considering what we are doing to ourselves.
Roberio from Conte's at Hilltop for tuning our bikes and supplying us with all the parts and pieces to put the bikes back mean they can break?
All those that have encouraged us along the way and the surprisingly many emails and comments we've received since posting our blog. We love to hear from you, keep 'em coming.
..........and to our Maine Mac Man, Dave. He's the one who has walked us through the blog process and given me way too many things to think about (tough for a blonde). But, we love the end result!


New Companions - Wednesday June 11

We are excited to have two others joining us on our bike trip. These two just floated in from far away (thanks to Marck & D'Arcy) and will be traveling the country with us.

We hope the original duckie is doing well, wherever he may be.
.........thanks Joan, for the great song in 'comments'!

12 Hours 'til take off......uh, oh! Thursday June 12

Almost 12 hours to take off, which would have been fine if I had not looked at this map and actually seen the enormity of this trip......nothing a margarita or two can't erase (i hope)!


We begin on the Western Express route (red line) and connect with the TransAmerica route (green line) to home.

In California - Saturday July 14

We've made it to San Francisco!



.......but having a tough time getting Ducky and Quackers to stop being tourists and get on the bike.
monkeys and duckies.JPG

duckies hanging out.JPG
We plan on putting them on the bike tomorrow and start heading East!

Va Bch to Hatteras Training Run - Sunday May 18

Loaded up and headed for Cape Hatteras. Plan is two days down with a stop for a day for some rest and volleyball with the gang; then back home. About 260 miles total. This is our first long distance run being fully loaded, plus our first try at a tent and sleeping bag............should be, uh, fun!