Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 64 - Sunday August 17 - Waynesboro to Richmond, VA

Seriously, did any of you really thing we were going to go from Waynesboro to Charlottesville and just stop, having done less than 30 miles and one mountain????? Mr. Grizzly was the only one who though he had 'us' fooled. And now the rest of the story.

We got an early start (6:30), but not without first eating some of the best (and largest) homemade cinnamon rolls along with an egg and cheese casserole to die for.........Helen you are too much!
After being in Virginia for six days, we finally started heading East. The sunrise

over the mountain we needed to tackle seemed to beckon us over the top. The six miles to the top seemed rather effortless,
it was the remaining 83 miles that killed us.
Once again we saw the flags from 'run for the fallen';
this particular site of flags one after the other, was very heartbreaking. We've been seeing these flags along as our whole trip, but they have been spaced at least a mile apart. This morning seeing one fallen soldier after another, almost brought us to tears. We cannot begin to express our appreciation to these men, women and their families for their sacrifices for our freedom! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

The view of the valley on the east side of Afton has always struck me as impressive,
today was the most spectacular we've ever seen.

A quick picture of a Charlottesville monument,
the Thomas Jefferson Rotunda, and then off to Richmond.
Though Mr. Grizzly's bike seemed to be flying down the road
for most of the day, luckily (for me) he started running out of gas after 80 miles. That, and the promise of staying with my parents, kept us in Richmond for the night.
We were a little concerned when we arrived to see a note on my parents front door. But laughed when we got close enough to read it.
Laughed again when we were awarded gold medals.
Champagne, dinner and wine.........we'll sleep well tonight. Two more days and we will really have landed.
We'll be on the beach Tuesday night for sunset. Join us if you can.

Day 65 - Monday August 18 - Richmond to Williamsburg

Okay, pay up! How many of you thought we were going all the way to Virginia Beach tonigh?? Fooled ya'!

Left the West End of Richmond early (6:20) to get through rush hour traffic, before it became too rushed. The sun came up red and hot,

but it didn't matter, we were heading home.
The route wasn't bad, and even sometimes shaded.

As much as we both wanted to be home, we would have to do about 120 miles to get there. No can do, after our 89 mile ride yesterday. Plus, we thought it appropriate to stop at 64 miles in honor of Mr. Grizzly's age.

Couldn't find any ruby slippers in their size, so work with us here..........
There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home!

ps. Hope to be on the beach by 6:00 tomorrow night.

Day 66 - Tuesday August 19 - Williamsburg to VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA

Left Williamsburg this morning at 7:30. Took a little longer than normal because Mr. Grizzly had to stop and chat with some old friends.

One picture of the Colonial area
(the only one that could be taking while riding) then off we went.
We did manage one more shot of a corn field for Marck
(again while riding).
We made quick stop at Jerry's brother's, Bobby, home
......couldn't get Mr. Grizzly out of the pool.....
so he didn't make the photo..... We rode to the last exit before the tunnel, loaded everything in Bobby's truck to get through the tunnel and met the Billy Bob
on the other side for our ride home.
Through Ocean View my sister and nephew, Lisa and Austin, rode up beside us
horn blowing, flags waving and a bragging rights sign on the back window, quite the surprise.
From there is was a quick bike home to a great welcome home sign
and the obligatory wheel dip.

But what we'd waited 66 days for came later.
All of us
would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for your tremendous support, encouragement and blog comment entertainment throughout our journey. You helped us make it through.
This country is beautiful, it's people the best in the world, but there truly place like home!