Sunday, June 14, 2009

Factoids and Follow-up

San Francisco, California to Virginia Beach, Virginia
Western Express route connecting to Trans America route.

3651.08 total miles

66 days

5 days off

4 nights camping

347 hours on a bike seat

Over 2700 pictures

Longest day - 9.22 hours of biking 83.59 miles in 13 hours - Baker to Millford, Nevada

Most mileage in one day - 100.5 miles (our second century) - Torrey to Lake Powell, Utah

Highest biked elevation - 11,313 feet @ Monarch Pass, Colorado

States covered
6 days in California
10 days in Nevada (includes 2 days off)
6 days in Utah
9 days in Colorado (includes 1 day off)
11 days in Kansas (includes 1 day off)
5 days in Missourri
3 days in Illinois
8 days in Kentucky (includes 1 day off)
8 days to get through Virginia

Mountain ranges
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Ozark Mountains
Appalacian Mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains

Best part of the trip
Most remarkable - how incredibly friendly everyone was....everywhere!
Most surprising state - Utah.....unbelievably beautiful.
Largest temperature change in one day - 38 to 117 degrees - Eastgate to Bob Scott Summit, Nevada

Worst part of the trip
Worst (only) state for being chased by dogs - Kentucky
Worst state for driver courtesy - Virginia
Toughest mountains - Ozarks
Hottest day - 118 degress -Nevada (hottest state, too)
Most humid state - Missouri - heat index 112

No mechanical (bike) breakdowns
2 flat tires - both Jerry's
6 sets of brake pads
2 new chains each as regular maintenance

100's of new friends

And 2 lost duckies..........

.......but we know the culprit.

If you see this man, please restrain and call.

Again A HUGE Thank You to Everyone for your tremendous support and encouragement.
For those we met along the way, don't be strangers.

A special thanks to the Billy Bob, Robyn and Emma for the party Saturday night (it was great to see everyone). And to Chris and Sonya for the perfect cake.