Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'09 Trip - Factoids and Follow-up

Last year we offered a long page of statistics on states, mountain ranges, elevations, etc. This was a totally different trip, so the page is not as impressive, but the trip sure was.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Northwest Border of Mexico.

2009.06 total miles

40 days total
1 day of sightseeing (Seattle)
2 days off

54+ average miles a day

189 hours on bike seat

Longest day - 7.2 hours of biking, 73.7 miles in 12 hours - Oak Harbor to Seattle, Washington. This was also the most mileage in one day, though we had several 70+ days.

Almost 3200 pictures

Thank You to everyone that wrote comments during our trip, we enjoyed them immensely. We'll be looking for you on our next ride.....

.....as soon as we figure out where we're going!