Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ducky Singers

Please join Peter, Paul and Mary along with the Ducky Singers.......

Hhum, hhum (clearing throat for singing)

All their bags are packed, They're ready to go

We're standing here outside their door

We hate to wake them up to say goodbye.

But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn

The taxi's waiting, he's blowin' his horn

Already we're so lonesome we could cry. the ducky singers.JPG

So kiss us and smile for us

Tell us that you'll come back for us

Hold us like you'll never let us go.

They're leavin' on a jet plane

They don't know when they'll be back again
.......leavin' on a jet plane

...... don't know when they'll be back again

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Thursday August 13

We made it but our bikes haven't, Yet! Never-mind the fact they left Virginia Beach two weeks ago; just one of those minor details to 'work out', eh!
Which gives us extra time to enjoy this beautiful city.

vancouver skyline
Though today was overcast and sometimes raining
canada place.JPG
it did not dampen the colors of the city

or it's characters....
bodiless hair salon.JPG
and their various vessels.
house boats.JPG

Salmon Fishing in English Bay - Friday August 14

With an extra day in Vancouver waiting for our bikes to arrive (no stress with that, eh?), we took in a little salmon fishing.

on our way to fish.JPG
yah, yah, don't you mean 'Catchin'! Totally.
Anyone happen to notice WHO is not holding the fish???
Kudos to our captain extraordinaire, Jeff with Bon Chovy (get it? Jeff Bon Chovy??) (his site), for a great day, eh? Totally!
Even the cleaning back at the dock was entertaining for us, the crowd that gathered
drawing the crowds.JPG
and the seals that waited for scrapes.
feeding the seal.JPG
Our bikes finally arrived (no thanks to UPS) at 5:30 pm, so now we feel a bit more relaxed. We'll take duckies and the bikes out for a test spin in the city tomorrow and start our ride Sunday morning. Hope to have more beautiful city shots for you on Saturday.

Saturday, August 15

Vancouver is a beautiful city; an outdoor enthusiasts dream, especially if you like the cooler temperatures. There are walk paths,

dedicated bike paths,
bike paths.JPG
rivers, bays and artwork of all kinds everywhere.
ship masthead.JPG
With less than six months to the Winter Olympics, the city is buzzing with activity and continued construction of the Olympic Village.
olympic village.JPG
and people celebrating. With all the walking we did today, the duckies were ready to do a little celebrating of their own.
pirates pub.JPG
Enough of the fun and frivolity, we've got to get on the road. Tomorrow we start our southward bound trek.
09 route.png