Sunday 29 June 2014

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  1. Rob Says:

    Hi to both of you, glad you made it to Colchester ok, hope you didn’t get too damp.
    Wonders will never cease….I managed to remember your name all on my own which was a surprise…now just got to figure out who I am….. 🙂
    Thanks for putting the photo up on the site but what I want to know is am I famous yet? You did promise….Not had anyone knocking at the door asking me to do tv shows yet…perhaps tomorrow eh?
    Looks like you found some nice place to stay and eat, hope the weather gets better, have you got a route planned apart from cycle route 1 and riding in streams? Cycle route 1 takes you to the Lake District…cycled there as well, hilly place but great views.
    Some nice pubs and scenery in North Norfolk if you are going out that way.
    Nice meeting you both, like the tracking device..clever..will keep an eye on where you get to.
    Safe riding and best wishes
    ( The hansom one….:). )

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