Monday 19 August 2019

X Anniversary Edition – 2018

Sunday 15 April 2018

As we reflect back on when this whole bike touring “thing” started in 2008, we still cannot believe we have been fortunate enough to still be riding, much less touring the country.  What began as a whim and a one time only ride, has morphed into a lifetime worth of rides (see “previous trips” to the right), incredible experiences, amazing sights and wonderful friends.

Ten years later, much older, no wiser and definitely slower, we cannot seem to call it quits, yet…..

And so begins our next ride!

Day 33. Tuesday, May 23. North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Tuesday 23 May 2017

We’ve had to put the brakes on our trip.  With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we have been unable to find Any rooms on the Outer Banks.  After four hours of routing, re-routing and calling hotels yesterday, we came to the conclusion if we were staying coastal,  we would have to take at least one day off somewhere and probably do several short rides to slow down our arrival to the Outer Banks.

Yesterday sunny view from our room
 was dramatically darker this morning.  But sleeping to the sound of the ocean waves and the overnight rain was delightful.  Even with the ominous sky, this seems like the perfect place to take a day off.

The sky lifted slightly about mid-day and gave us a chance get to the beach for a sunny picture or two before the clouds closed in again.  Kids, always oblivious to stormy weather, enjoyed the small tidal pools, much like at home in Virginia Beach.

Myrtle Beach is wide and flat and seems to stretch forever.  The narrow sand dune, totally wiped out by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, is slowly making a comeback.  The city has created small parks, planted sea grass and has made it illegal to walk the dune anywhere other than crosswalks.  But even after twenty eight years, the dune still struggles against the wind and sea.

We thought about a massage today, but the best offer we’d seen, was apparently short on help (in case you missed this from yesterday, it was from a BBQ joint).

Mid-afternoon, the wind picked up and a few rain squalls came through.  With a small break in the rain, we biked up to dinner.  Since we missed last night’s restaurant’s specialty, brick oven pizza, we returned tonight.  As good as the pizza was, their pastas Rule!

Our New Duck!

Monday 22 August 2016

Wanted to share with everyone, the newest addition to our Ducky Family!  IMG_0834Hopefully, our Grand Duck will bring us Good Health and Luck for a future ride!

2016 Bike Trip is in the Works!

Sunday 3 April 2016

Decision is made, tickets are bought and the planning begins.

No time to train as we want to get a jump on the desert heat.  Desert, surely you said dessert?? Version 2Call us Crazy to embark on another trip that involves getting anywhere close to the dry, scorching heat we experienced on our very first ride across our great country.  But biking the Southern Tier (San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida) is on “our” bucket list (yep, that would be Jerry’s list).  It shall be an interesting ride that admittedly, “I” will begin with trepidation but excitement at seeing new parts of the United States of America!

Stay Tuned, we’ll be leaving soon!

Heading Home

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Just a quick note to thank Everyone for their prayers and well wishes over this past week and a half.  Thankfully, we head home today where we will continue Jerry’s road to recovery.  Once we figure out if this tour will be concluded in 2016 or continued at a future date, we will do one last post.

If anyone from the Silver City/Las Cruces, New Mexico area is reading, thank you.  We would not wish the circumstances for our stay on anyone, but it could not have happened in a better place.  Everyone we encountered in the last ten days has been beyond wonderful; our pleasant memories of this area will be because of you.

We leave you with a picture of the stunning Organ Mountains.DSCN1314

Thanks to all the Angels that looked over us, May they shine their grace on you, as well!

Trip VII 2015 – Head for the Hills

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Yes, we have Finally decided on a trip for this summer.  We leave the end of this week for the home of Adventure Cycling Association, Missoula, Montana.
IMG_0199 - Version 3

After a quick visit and putting our bicycles back together, we start our tour back to the East Coast.

Exciting news before we start to pedal.  We are dedicating this tour to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Warrior Foundation and hope You will help with our fund raising efforts (check out the link to the right).

Also, Please Like our new Tour de Bocrie Facebook Page and invite all your friends to Like it, too.

Yes, we are really stepping out of the box.

Stay tuned for our first day!