London Tour, Thursday, June 26

Friday 27 June 2014

Grey skies but still a comfortable 70°, as we began our late morning errand running.  But first a delightful conversation with James.DSCN7141  We skipped the Rolls Royce and Bentley crowed streets and walked our bikes along the commoner filled sidewalks of the real London.  DSCN7144Batteries, cell phone and various other connectivity possibilities purchased, we dropped down to the Regent’s CanalDSCN7145 for a beautiful stroll DSCN7149to a traditional lunch of Fish n Chips (just for you, Doc) and Mushy Peas.DSCN7159

We biked through Regent’s Park DSCN7022on our way back in order to catch the U.S. play futbal.  Though we lost the match, we had a fabulous day of touring courtesy of Jerry’s new BFF.DSCN7166We will try to squeeze in one more day of touring, before our wonderful hosts kick us out.

5 Responses to “London Tour, Thursday, June 26”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Jerry and I will join the parade to Trafalgar Square tomorrow!

  2. travis Says:

    weather looks pretty good – although you are wearing long sleeves – hot & muggy here – Hip, hip.

  3. Jerry and Lori Says:

    I Don’t Think So!

  4. Don Says:

    Lunch looked good except for the mushy peas! Your weather looks good after some rain on Saturday:

  5. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Morgan is EVERYBODY’s BFF. Don’t tell Mark, Pat, Steve, etc….. Sherry would LOVE (not) the mushy peas…

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