Day 1. Saturday, June 28 – London to Harlow, England

Saturday 28 June 2014

Last night, after hours of deliberation (head northeast or southwest) and contingency plans for rain, we decided to wake up and figure it out.  The morning was crisp, but sunny!  So we downed a cup of coffee and toast, packed up the bikes and decided to get a jump on the promised torrential rains.DSCN7310 Thankfully, Morgan was not tired of us (yet) and led us out of town.  Or maybe he wanted to make sure we were far enough away that we would not return.  Whichever, we were happy to have his London navigational skills.

The Saturday morning streets were bustling with cars and shoppers taking advantage of the roadside markets. DSCN7316 It took us about an hour to find our tow path, DSCN7322leaving the busy city streets behind.  Riding along the canal with the occasional lock DSCN7324reminded us of so many of our other enjoyable tours.  We enjoyed an hour of quiet countryside while keeping our eye on the dark clouds quickly building behind us.DSCN7340We had a wonderful chat with David,IMG_0066 who was keeping a close eye (that he shared with us through his lens) of baby falcons.  It was not long after we lost our beautiful tow path, DSCN7331that we lost our way.  Our progress slowed dramatically when we found ourselves deep in the countryside on well used tractor The ruts became so deep we were concerned we were going to loose our duckies……

DSCN7343then the rain hit and we slowed to a crawl; mud caked so thick to the bakes of our mud guards our wheels would not turn.  Not sure how long it took us to emerge to hard packed dirt then pavement, but while the road surface improved the weather did not; but forward progress was once again being made.  The 75° temps we had reached in the sunshine had dropped to 54°.  Ten miles down the road, as we reached the outskirts of Harlow the rain began to slow.  We biked into town and said our good-byes to Morgan who still needed to bike back to London.  We took a break for lunch and to figure out where to go from here, as the rain began to fall, again.  Cold, wet and feeling a bit defeated having only biked 31 miles, we decided to find a hotel, regroup and put some miles in tomorrow.  Our spirits were lifted after dinner when we happened upon hundreds of people getting ready for a midnight walk/run.  They partied and dancedDSCN7352

to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Frank Sinatara’s New York, New York serenaded us as we strolled back to our hotel with a smile on our faces.

9 Responses to “Day 1. Saturday, June 28 – London to Harlow, England”

  1. Don Says:

    You should be out of the rainy conditions for the next 6 days at least, with a high of 80 on Thursday according to the Weather Channel. Rain is supposed to move in next weekend. Have some kippers for me! Ken

  2. Morgan Says:

    It was a great ride yesterday! Hopefully the rest of your trip will be free from massively rutted tractor tracks!

  3. Little Joe Says:

    Rough day one! Yucko. Sounds like you’re biking through my neck of the woods. Way to stick it out. We need more beer pics!????. Here’s some sunshine 4U. ???????????? ????

  4. Justin Says:

    Looks like you had a great tour of London and quite a day leaving town. Ducks may have been the only ones in their natural environment. Played some VBall for you yesterday. Hope Don’t weather report hold ‘ true and you have some good riding weather

  5. Don Says:

    BTW – It was June 28

  6. Sandi Peters Says:

    Wonderful to see you on your bikes again! We are planning to hop over the pond to visit next year, so your visits and excursions will be duly noted. Although, I’m quite certain I won’t be able to get Dan and boys are bikes. 🙁 Stay dry…… seems a daunting task. 🙂 sp

  7. Marck Weiss Says:

    So Morgan led you out of town, deep into the forested, mud-packed countryside and promptly left… hmmm… did you happen upon a house made from candy?

  8. travis Says:

    I’m sure things will get better (“the Sun will come out tomorrow…”). At least everything on Jolly Ol Eng is green and blooming. Luuvverly pix as always. You keep smiling, we’ll keeping watching.

  9. Jerry and Lori Says:

    Interestingly enough, Marck, several people have commented on how Morgan had led us astray!

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