Day 3. Monday, June 30 – Colchester to Framlingham, England

Tuesday 1 July 2014

The sun offers a warm and welcoming invitation to the day, if you are not in the crisp breeze; the 60° temps can go to 70+ easily in the sun.

We started the morning with a two mile uphill, that you only realize by the scream in the legs and not the look of the road; then we dropped into a beautiful park.DSCN7442  Stopping after a four mile circle, we decided we were lost, evvn though we’d been here before. DSCN7441 Thankfully a young man offered directions  and a recommendation for a straight route to the next town.  It would not have been our desired choice of road, but it had been a half an hour since we’d left our hotel and we had not made any progress.  Though the road was busier than our route 1, we were still able to see pretty sitesDSCN7450and swans (just for Bobby T).IMG_0081

About mid-day we stopped for coffee in the port town of Ipswich; the skies quickly greyed, temperatures dropped into the 50’s and the wind picked up; we had showers and sprinkles that lasted for about an hour.DSCN7466The sky then cleared to a Chamber of Commerce picture perfect day.  DSCN7501The small villagesDSCN7473 and countryside were spectacular, IMG_0088which we were thankful for, since the day once again proved to be long; thankfully a far cry better and a bit shorter than yesterday. We stopped in the darling small village of Woodbridge,DSCN7474 still trying to figure out which way our course wanted us to go; marking our second circle for the day; not all bad considering all we get to see.IMG_0084Sooner or later we will get the hang of this bike touring in England.

Churches were everywhere; this one was the perfect place for the Duckies to restIMG_0086 and restore some energy.  Enjoyable as the ride has been today,  down narrow country roads,DSCN7507 we were ready to be there; thankfully we had reserved a room, so we knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  We had no idea, however, how fabulous this little town.DSCN7532 the century old churchDSCN7525 and hotel would be….DSCN7509…a claw foot tub…… a wonderful luxury after checking in at 5:00.DSCN7511But the evening would not be complete with dinner, starting with Brie and Broccoli soup, DSCN7529 in a comfortable local pub.DSCN7527

We’d been on the bike for over five hours, so with bellies full, we headed for bed.

4 Responses to “Day 3. Monday, June 30 – Colchester to Framlingham, England”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Thanks, that didn’t take long. They are as lost as the one’s on your bike. Just like yours, they were brought there against their will. Kidnapped and dumped there by Richard the Lion Heart.

  2. Marck Weiss Says:

    Some beautiful scenery and great little ye olde buildings. I especially like the castle disguised as a hotel with the Lucy & Ricky beds.

    Keep on spinning!

  3. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Great pics!

  4. Ken Says:

    The pic of Jerry in the restaurant – Shouldn’t he be sitting under the big star?

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