Day 5. Wednesday, July 2 – Norwich to Sheringham, England

Thursday 3 July 2014

After changing our direction once again, we pushed away from the hotel just before nine, passing many more churchesDSCN7649 that “someone” has mentioned “someone” should stop taking pictures of….they do all look the same.  Though we traveled on a “B” road, it was quite busy for about 15 miles.  Breakfast was not included with our room, so we dropped in to a small villageDSCN7655 for a coffee and breakfast sandwich.  North Walsham is a charming village, like so many we have been traveling through. DSCN7654

Once out of town, we wound around on “quite lanes” DSCN7653laced with beautiful poppies.DSCN7667Except for the occasional tractor and other riders,DSCN7659it was truly quiet.  Enjoyed fresh picked raspberries at a stand along the road;DSCN7657 then got our first glance of the North Sea.DSCN7672  Immediately, we notice the difference in building material used;DSCN7673 we know it as River Rock, but imagine this came from the sea. DSCN7662 Rode past a stunning golf course right on the sea and the Cromer Country Club; this is obviously an affluent town.DSCN7679  Cromer is also a tourist town, but they all seem to come in on buses; so while people are everywhere,DSCN7680 the streets are not packed with cars.  We turned down a narrow roadDSCN7683 to lead us to the sea DSCN7695which was quite a way down from our vantage point.photoWe declined the steps down to the concrete pier and restaurant.DSCN7684Today was a short day and we could not check in until two, so we found a nice pub with a beautiful garden DSCN7691and enjoyed the rest.  Five miles down the road we pulled into our wonderful B & B;DSCN7699unexpectedly fabulous.DSCN7700We had only done 33 miles, but were having camera/computer issues that needed to be worked out.  This little town, though still on the sea, had a much more local flavor; which we tasted with a crab sandwich, no filler just crab meat on bread…..Wonderful.  Of course, that little morsel only made us more hungry; which we managed to quench with one of our new favorite meals, sausage and mash.IMG_0132The evening air had warmed, perfect time for ice cream, locally made and delicious.IMG_0133On our stroll back to our B & B, we enjoyed a great chat with Jeff.  Standing in the middle of the road, as the cars worked their way around us, we told stories and laughed out loud.  A perfect ending to our day.

8 Responses to “Day 5. Wednesday, July 2 – Norwich to Sheringham, England”

  1. Pat and M.E. Says:

    The dinner looks delicious — what gorgeous veggies! Although, I really like the dessert Jerry had. The room looks soooo cute!

  2. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Tomorrow will be a washout for Vball and fireworks here on the 4th, but we’ll resume on Saturday. There’s even crazy talk about playing 2’s! HA fat chance you’ll see me out there… I would say have a CRAZY 4th but isn’t England who we were declaring our independence from? 🙂

  3. Marck Weiss Says:

    Good golly the scenery is beautiful, and that old architecture is amazing! How do you find those great places to stay? I can’t find anything like that on Expedia 🙂 With views like that, I’ll bet it makes the rides go fast, especially when you consider riding through the US heartland and all of its…corn!

    Stay safe and keep on spinning!

  4. Bill Says:

    There are always disparaging remarks abroad about tasteless English food. It doesn’t look to me like you’ve been totally turned off by it.

    Keep the photos of the churches coming. They are an essential element of the English scene, culture and history; and they are architecturally and regionally very interesting to see and compare.

  5. Ken Says:

    Didn’t see anyone swimming in the North Sea. I wonder why? HA!

  6. travis Says:

    Absolutely beautiful countryside – just “brilliant”, ol’ chap. Looks like you can’t complain about the weather anymore – Send some of that cool weather across the Pond – heat index here is near 100 with thick humidity – will get better once Hurricane Arthur passes. Have a great 4th in the land of the Magna Carta. Cheers.

  7. Mike K. Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen 2nd day of The Scottish Ramble Race is going along as planned. 1st place belongs to Team Canada Gretchin and Frank Gooly . Team Bocrie of The Cayman Islands Have not checked in yet.

    Have they Drunk to much , Are they still in bed , Special report at 6pm on the BBC with Cecil O Toole

    Happy Racing

  8. K-W Says:

    Not sure if you will see this post since it’s so late (sorry), but I have to ask the obvious question….Ellies or Blackies???? I bet Ellies doesn’t make rum raisin… (well neither does Blackies anymore, but that’s Paloma’s fault). But the question still stands nonetheless….

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