Day 6. Thursday, July 3 – Sheringham to King’s Lynn, England

Thursday 3 July 2014

Our room last night was exceeded only by the breakfast they offered in the morning.  Beside an incredible offering of fruit, DSCN7718they served a full English breakfast; thankfully, we asked for the reduced version….even Morgan can gain weight eating like this.DSCN7721After that size breakfast, we should have no excuses for not flying through a long ride.  No excuse until we step outside to wonderfully warm air and a stiff wind, in our face.  But we could hardly complain as it was a beautiful morning.DSCN7730Our rolling hills became a bit more aggressive,DSCN7731but the scenery remained stellar.DSCN7736Several miles down the road, we were waved to a stop by two individual motorists; IMG_0134apparently our laundry hanging from our bikes to dry was running astray…..too kind.  Even with the monster wind, we were enjoying the interesting sites,DSCN7752 including a windmill or two.DSCN7739Just off the coast, too far to photograph but easily close enough to ruin the sea vista, was a huge windfarm.  As one Brit told us, “They don’t work when the wind blows and they are useless otherwise!”

The villages DSCN7789and hamlets DSCN7762were charming; the churches abundant.DSCN7791

Stopped for a mid-day cappuccino among lilacsDSCN7780 and cooing ring neck doves that we’ve seen everywhere.  Since we had just had coffee, we did not stop at The Duck Inn,DSCN7793 but did stop for the ducks.IMG_0139Passed a construction college, DSCN7794that was originally built as barracks for the RAF.

Running low on energy, we stopped for a sandwich and the ever ready conversation.IMG_0140Though the lunch served to help, we were ready to get there.  Our navigator gets an A+ today for keeping us off the busy road for our last eight miles into town.  Instead we enjoyed peaceful paths,DSCN7816meant strictly for bikesDSCN7815and country lanesDSCN7811with many walking paths.DSCN7809Our last stretch into town directed us through an immense park, filled with kids just getting out of school;DSCN7820 uniforms directly from a Harry Potter movie.  A quick turn onto a market streetDSCN7821and then our hotel.DSCN7822We were beat after our 51 mile ride into the wind……we needed a plate (or three) of pasta; DSCN7827our first since arriving.

A (must eat crow) note to my father, who for years has insisted we ride the UK; my main objection was the poor food that England had a (terribly misplaced) reputation for.  Not only are we not starving, we are enjoying the food immensely….Thank You for your persistence. 

4 Responses to “Day 6. Thursday, July 3 – Sheringham to King’s Lynn, England”

  1. Ken Says:

    Here’s an interesting factoid about your stopping place, King’s Lynn.

    From Wikipedia:

    Adam Thoroughgood was from King’s Lynn in Norfolk, England. Many locations in Virginia Beach, including the Lynnhaven River, Lynn Shores, Thalia Lynn, Lynnhaven Road (parkway, drive, etc.) are named Lynn after King’s Lynn.

  2. Justin Says:

    Nice duck crossing. Too cute

  3. Mike K. Says:

    Race fans WElcome to a bright beautiful morning here in Upper London. The Scottish Rambling Race continues today , through northern London. We have some wonderful news on Team Bocrie , It seems the crazy guy We all know David the Falconer , was spotted talking to the Team.

    Unlike past races , this Team seems to be in No rush to start. The other teams are well ahead. Possibly The team Leader Lorie is keeping her husband in bed to long.

    Over yesterdays race Team Timbukto took over 1st after Team Canada slid off in a dike , and has been found , Drownig has been found cause of death. Team Lake Titticaca is coming up a close 2nd.

    More news later as it comes in Have a Great Bike Day !

  4. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Now that is what I call a “big girls breakfast”! Thanks for the mini history lesson Ken. Interesting…

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