Day 7. Friday, July 4 – King’s Lynn to Boston, England

Friday 4 July 2014

We hope our British friends are not offended, as we are enjoying your wonderful country, but we would like to wish our fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day, USA.

It was a warm morning with a brutal wind, 20+ with 30 mph gusts.DSCN7851  The ferry we needed to catch was only two blocks from our hotel,DSCN7831but the 19 Foot tide was out and there was not ramp down for our bikes.  We headed out of townDSCN7835 directly into the wind for four miles to reach the bridge that would lead us over the canal.DSCN7846 For 26 miles we faced the wind on busy roads; no small hamlets, villages or pretty countryside.  Each town blended into the next,  Homes showcased flowersDSCN7842 and families walked their children to school; these twins were particularly adorable.DSCN7840We had another bridge to cross and the only way to get there was on a very busy highway with NO shoulder; we pedaled hard (18 mph-tough for our 60 pound loaded bikes and Tired legs) for five miles.  Just as soon as we crossed the River Welland, we dropped onto a very welcome country road; quiet was restored.DSCN7845Once again we could hear the birds sing, enjoy the countrysideDSCN7864 and with a turn in the road, the bruising wind reached our backs.

We reached Boston by one o’clock.DSCN7870  In search of a Sam Adams Lager, a bite to eat and some free Wi-Fi we headed to town centre.  Passing the impressive Church of St. BotolphDSCN7872we found a corner pub.DSCN7877

Unfortunately, the darling pub satisfied only fish & chips of three requirements.  With our earlier start this morning, our plan was to check out a place to stay further down the road once we reached Boston.  However, after spending over two fruitless hours on the internet looking for a place 10-30 miles away, we decided to bunk here for the night; which took us another hour to find.  We checked into one of the last two rooms available in the entire town.  Little did we know, we would spend another three hours plus, looking for a place to stay for tomorrow night.  We think we’ve found something, unfortunately, not toward Lincoln (that we wanted to see), but there are NO choices.  Exhausted from our searching, we stopped to have dinner at 7:00.  Though we only rode 43 miles today, the endless searches on the internet wore us out. It should not be this difficult to find a place to stay and August is supposed to be busier. Hopefully, a good night’s rest will restore the spirit.

p,s.  For the record, we would much prefer an extra 10 to 20 miles, rather than spend hours looking for a blasted (English slate) hotel.

5 Responses to “Day 7. Friday, July 4 – King’s Lynn to Boston, England”

  1. Ken Says:

    Your hotel woes might be because the Tour De France’s first 2 stages are Saturday and Sunday about 75 miles west of where you are.

  2. Jerry and Lori Says:

    Tour de France and summertime in the UK; rooms have been hard to come by just about every day.

  3. Morgan Says:

    The two biggest misconceptions about England are that the weather and food aren’t good. Hopefully after the Tour goes to France rooms will be easier to find.

  4. Bill House Says:

    Happy Fourth

  5. Mike K. Says:

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Day 4 of the Mighty Scottish Ramble Race. To get right to it , in these days passed it seems as if Team Bocrie is gaining on the other Racers. Other Racers have stopped for the night in

    Fakenham. Team Bocrie was spotted , stopped and smelling flowers on the road side. near Sheringham. What is up with these two ?

    Tomorrow starts On the later side , Teams have decided to sleep in and enjoy the morning. What will Team Bocrie do.? Does this give them the edge to pull ahead. Like they say in then Cayman Islands : No worries Mon !

    Stay tuned to the Patty O Toole Sports Hour for Updates

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