Day 8. Saturday, July 5 – Boston to Louth, England

Saturday 5 July 2014

It was raining as expected, when we awoke this morning, so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast waiting for the predicted stop.  As soon as we saw the break, we went for it, trying to ignore the dark clouds behind us,
DSCN7883but prepared for them, nonetheless.IMG_0151  The wind was still blowing, but not the gusts of yesterday and it was slightly off our shoulder; so it was not a hinderance, but an occasional assist.   A last minute change on our course took us along a scenic canal.DSCN7890 We had only gone a half mile before the downpour reached us.  DSCN7896It was a soaker, but soon tapered to a shower/drizzle.  It was a perfect day for riding, not too hot, not too cold and the scenery serene,DSCN7917 if not spectacular.DSCN7920

Notables of this country:  All the homes here have names DSCN7900and all the villages have a Church Street.  There is a strict code/law to the roads; Everyone stops at a stop light/sign.  If you dare to cross a road (whether by foot or bike) without a green, the cars have no obligation to stop or slow to allow your completion.  Though the drivers don’t seem keen on turn signals, they are Very considerate of bicycles, even on very busy roads.

Our entire ride was in the country, passing interesting (antique) shops,DSCN7901 homes displaying colorful flowersDSCN7903 and an occasional hamlet large enough to warrant signageDSCN7938and one very old (1220) Bolingbroke Castle, birthplace of a King.DSCN7914

About mid-day the sky began to clear DSCN7936and the flat countryside we had enjoyed for days began to roll.DSCN7940We are sure some of our new found British bike friends will laugh, but these “hills” were tough; the grades brutal.IMG_0156A quick stop on a park benchDSCN7939 for a much needed orange, as the villages were not large enough to support a sandwich shop, and then a push to town.DSCN7944 It was a short ride today (37 miles), as it was the only choice (that included a roof and hot shower) we had within a 100 mile radius.  But the town was worth the stop, quaint streets, IMG_0164pretty marketsDSCN7953 and the Church of St. James.DSCN7959A great day and a good pick-me-up from yesterday!

4 Responses to “Day 8. Saturday, July 5 – Boston to Louth, England”

  1. Bill House Says:

    Hope you had a great 4th…..Keep on biking

  2. Ken Says:

    Where’s the sign for elderly people on bikes?

  3. Justin Says:

    Hope that sign was not too close to the park bench! We could have used one at the volleyball court this weekend. Glad you got an almost dry day.

  4. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Hope the elderly crossing sign doesn’t catch on here in the states!

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