Day 9. Sunday, July 6 – Louth to Hessle, England

Sunday 6 July 2014

Breakfast is late on the weekends at most inns, so we did not leave until just before ten.  Perfect for the weather prediction: “spitting until ten, then cloudy and clearing in the afternoon.”  It was dry as a bone when we left so we thought we had dodged this one, but that quickly changed.  DSCN7966First we had spitting, then showers, rain then pouring and back again.  Somewhere in the progression, we donned raincoats,photo too late for our rain taps, but it was still in the 60’s and we were generating a lot of heat.  Our country roads were rather nondescript and only an occasional church made it interesting.DSCN7971Around noon we stopped for a cappuccino and some sweet; not sure if it was good or bad, we hand ordered before we saw this window of sweets.DSCN7973 Somewhere during our navigation out of this large and highly industrial town the rain ceased, but the skies remained very grey…..we were not in the clear yet (pardon the pun).DSCN7976We kept the industrial filled riverbank to our right and pushed on through the fields overtaken by huge power lines.  The occasional town offered a few flowers, DSCN7980 and churches DSCN7989but for the most part it was a rather boring ride. DSCN7986 Our goal was the bridge over the River Humber; thinking it was bridge to a bed, but it was stunning……Yorkshire’s impressive answer to the Golden Gate Bridge.  DSCN7996The impressive goal is a really good thing, as it took us ten miles to reach it once we had our first glimpse.  photo-2 it inspired the tired legs pushing into the wind for the last few miles.  The foot path on the bridge is wide, but well used by bikes and pedestrians.DSCN7998Of course, the view from the top is stunningDSCN8005 and you could feel the movement as the cars sped past.  It was late once we crossed the bridge, so we stopped for a quick internet search for a hotel.  We had seen a spot right on the river as we’d crossed the bridge,, but could not imagine it would work (too good to be true).  But it was better than that!  Not only did they have a room for us, they had a restaurant that served an incredible fare; of which we picked the best…….Pasta, Steak & Ale Pie (OMG) with a side salad.DSCN8009We dined as a thunder storm raged outside; hopefully getting the rain over with.  After 54 miles, feet finally warm and dry and our tummies full, we were happy.DSCN8006

4 Responses to “Day 9. Sunday, July 6 – Louth to Hessle, England”

  1. travis Says:

    Whew, finally caught up with your postings since July 4 – impressive progress in spite of some tough conditions. My impression is that you are having more people contact on this tour (more populated areas I guess). Seems to be a goodly number of solar panels on houses. Looks like you both have adopted helmet lights – good to be enlightened. Keep smiling and bugger the sodding rain. Brilliant biking, Yanks!

  2. Bill Says:

    Be thankful for the 40s degrees. The official temperature here at 4:00 103 degrees.

  3. Jim Says:

    Lookin good guys. Luv all the pix as usual. Bill mentioned the 103; that is the heat index.

  4. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Wow what a bridge!

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