Day 10. Monday, July 7 – Hessle to York, England

Tuesday 8 July 2014

A crisp 52° and the wind blowing off the river quickly chilled us as we loaded our bikes, just after 7:30 this morning.  We donned our jackets and headed off on our dirt path squeezed in between the railroad tracks and river.DSCN8022Last evening’s downpour had packed the dirt, so puddles were minimal.DSCN8028Just as we emerged onto the the pavement we met Brian, DSCN8033who helped with directions and informed us that the park we had just come  through was originally a brickyard.  We wound our way through the pretty town, paying particular notice to the bricks on the homes.  Not sure how we found it, but managed to climb the only hill around; great vista

DSCN8042 but not so good on the legs.  At nine as we came to the edge of a small town, we decided to pop in for breakfast.  DSCN8044The trek to the restaurant was a mile longer than the two block promised and service not the quickest.  A half hour down the road, as we stood at a crossroads, where “almost 80” year old George stopped his car to offer help. DSCN8053 Once our direction was established, the boys chatted for a couple of days (or so it seemed).  So by eleven, over three hours into our ride, we had barely gone 15 miles. But the villages boasted beautiful homes DSCN8046and the countryside was grand.DSCN8055 At noon, twenty five miles under our belt, we pulled into a gas station for re-fueling as there would be no place before our destination.  Five minutes was all the break we allowed ourselves as the clouds we had watched build all morning,DSCN8064 were beginning to look very threatening.  DSCN8062With a slight turn in direction, we were finally aided by the wind.  The afternoon ride proved as beautiful as the morning half.  We passed fields,DSCN8060 farms and a movie crew.  DSCN8072 This however, is a favorite; DSCN8086we often pass young foals playing in the fields, DSCN8084but rarely are we quick enough to get a shot.  Though mom was very protective, her babe was curious.  DSCN8087

There was no doubt we were approaching York;  Tour De France yellow bicycles were everywhere. DSCN8096 We even had our own dedicated bike (and bus) lane DSCN8099for most of our ride into the city.  A quick stop at the gates of the old Roman city DSCN8102and then check-in.  We had totally dodged the rain today, though many of the roads we rode were still wet from the showers.  We were anxious to see the city before the rain hit. York is a walled cityDSCN8109 at the confluence of the River Ouse and River Foss, established by the Romans in 71 A.D.  History

DSCN8171and bicycles DSCN8115were everywhere.DSCN8134But unquestionably most impressive is the Minster Cathedral.  DSCN8121First built of wood in 627 A.D., it has gone through fires, emperors and kings conquests, rebuildings and expansions. DSCN8125Unfortunately it is impossible to step far enough away to get the entire building in the camera lens.

Everyone was enjoying the afternoonDSCN8177 and sunny skies.DSCN8158But the day had grown long (sun sets about 10:30) and after 50 miles we were tired and hungry.  A stroll back to our hotel along the river,DSCN8183 dinner and bed.

5 Responses to “Day 10. Monday, July 7 – Hessle to York, England”

  1. Ken Says:

    What are Canada geese doing in England? Oh, I know – messing up everyone’s yard like they do here!

  2. travis Says:

    Nice day in the saddle. Fortunate to meet so many helpful people. Keep rolling and watch out for the peloton, it might be gaining on you.

  3. Robyn Says:

    Thanks for the journal & lovely pictures (luv the cathedrals & castles.) It appears you’ve had some bumpy conditions…yikes. Europe definitely seems more bike friendly.
    PS- Travis and I have biked twice (the bagel run) – he keeps trying to add distance but I’m not there yet.

  4. Mike K. Says:

    The riders are slowly but surely making it to Edinburgh. Stopping at Newcastle for a rest, if needed. Team Kalamazoo is now in 2nd . Team Lake Titicaca still holds 1st. Team Scottland last seen in Carpe Diem pub.

    A very good source tells us Team Bocrie was spotted heading to Peterlee , Team leader Jerry once wrote: That is one of my favorite towns, to visit.

    The ride has been spectacular so far , Team leader Lori stated , If it hadn’t been for Jerry meeting Timothy Leary, We would be down the path further. We have a long ways to go.

    There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen , a quick run down of the past few days. Keep it here , for all updates

    This Update has been brought to you by :

    Preperation H Don’t feel the burn

  5. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Great pics!

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