Day 4. Tuesday, July 14 – Townsend to White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Tuesday 14 July 2015

After a delicious breakfast,DSCN3419 we pedaled out in the crisp, clear and cool (60°) morning. DSCN3426A wicked wind (think Dorothy & Oz) and rain blew through in the evening, washing away the haze that hung in the sky the day before.DSCN3424  Well kept cottages lined the street as we headed out of town on our (only) flat two mile warm up before we started our straight and steady climb on wonderfully quiet roads.  The increasing elevation gave us a beautiful view of the clouds that still hung in the hillsDSCN3432 and a straight shot back on the town we’d come from.DSCN3436  We continued our climb,IMG_0052 throughly enjoying the scenery.DSCN3448  About 15 miles in, we came across the road construction we’d be warned about.DSCN3466  For our safety, the crew would not let us pass on our bikes.  So we quickly threw our bags and bikes in the back of the lead truck and were carried through a mile and a half of the roughest area.DSCN3467  As quickly as we’d unloaded, we loaded back up and headed on. DSCN3491 With most vehicles avoiding the 12 mile stretch of on/off construction,DSCN3484 we had the road almost to ourselves.IMG_0061  The quiet was filled with singing birds and the soothing music of the creek we followed up the mountain.DSCN3475Words and photosDSCN3497 do not do the area justice.  Nor do they describe the climb that would not end.DSCN3486  As we came close to the top and hills faded away,DSCN3494 we could feel the breeze that previously had rustled only the very tops of the trees.  It was nearly a 24 mile continuous climb and though there was no elevation sign, the GPS said we’d reached 5873 feet.  DSCN3505We were excited to see our town from this vantage point, it just took forever to get there.  The straight road down was fun, but short lived;DSCN3512 we soon were pedaling again.  We took a short break along the roadDSCN3519 to eat the lunch we didn’t pack;IMG_0073a few cherries, small bag of potato chips and one chocolate muffin.  Looking back we caught a glimpse of snowIMG_0076 on the 9500 foot Mt. Edith.  Everywhere we turned was stunning.DSCN3520  On our Long road into town,DSCN3526 we saw our first Antelope (ever) playing in the field. DSCN3536 Tired and parched on arrival, we quickly dropped our bags and pedaled another half a mile for a refreshment, Jerry “bearly” made it.DSCN3540We’ll skip the photo of the best pulled pork sandwich either of us have ever had and defer instead to dinner Montana style!DSCN3545It was a tough 43 miles, but a nice finish to the day.

5 Responses to “Day 4. Tuesday, July 14 – Townsend to White Sulphur Springs, Montana”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Looks like a gorgeous day for a ride! I can’t believe Jerry forgot to pack the sandwiches…. or did he feed them to the Antelope?

  2. MaryEllen Says:

    Ok, so now I’m stuck singing “where the deer and the antelope play…” all day. The picture of the historical marker you took — no luck finding any “riches” they mentioned? I bet the bread at breakfast was homemade…. I can smell it from here! Looks delicious. You couldn’t convince the guys to take you to the next town – they only gave a 1.5 mile ride? Huh, and I heard people were supposed to be nicer out that way… ha ha ha No one like to bike uphill all day.

  3. Travis Says:

    Except for the Slim Pickins (my all time favorite actor’s name) at lunch, a great day biking under the Big Sky in the W I D E open spaces. Temps nice enough for JB to go w/short sleeves. Great pix and narrative as always. Keep those doggies (I mean duckies) movin’.

  4. Dianne carter Says:

    Wow. Very impressive. Hope you can pack a snack next time!

  5. Courtney Says:

    Who is in charge of lunch for tomorrows ride ?

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