Trip VIII 2016 – Coast to Coast, Again

Friday 22 April 2016

Post-Trip Note:

Most of you know, this ride came to a sudden and scary stop, but it has a happy ending, so please read on.

It’s difficult to think of the hot, dry trek ahead when enjoying the deep blue Pacific Ocean DSCN9732or strolling down the streets of yeste’year DSCN9724 in Old Town San Diego.DSCN9726  But the hills that loom immediately in front, beckon us to the wilderness we will soon be surrounded by.  We will dream of the cool ocean and delicious breeze off the waterDSCN9735 as we pedal up a mountain for the first time in a year……no looking back nowDSCN9739 okay, maybe once.

Time to Carb Up with “America’s Best Pizza” DSCN9741and a side of Lasagna!

4 Responses to “Trip VIII 2016 – Coast to Coast, Again”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Soak up some cool tranquility before the hot days set in! Keep Jerry well-hydrated Lori! Don’t let the Jack-a-Lopes get ya!!

  2. Dan Shepherd Says:

    Have another great trip! Not sure I could pedal in a different direction from that pizza!

  3. Dianne carter Says:

    Enjoy the sea while you can! Look forward to following you again this year.

  4. bobby Says:

    Love the pictures….especially the food !!!!

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