Day 2. Sunday, April 24 – Pine Valley to Ocotillo, California

Sunday 24 April 2016

It was a cold 40° this morning, before the sun rose to warm the morning.DSCN9817But by the time we’d finished breakfastDSCN9823 at the retro cafe DSCN9821down the street it was 60. We began our climb (that started in the parking lot) and continued upward for a solid mile.DSCN9826 Our legs responded well having Everything to do with the initial climb being only a mile. After a chilly four mile drop, we settled into an up, up then down ride,DSCN9827plenty of opportunity to enjoyDSCN9833 the different landscape.DSCN9847A long DSCN9856climb beganDSCN9831 and finally peaked at 19 miles,DSCN9866 rewarding us with another four mile non-stop dropDSCN9868 as we left the mountains behind. The high plains desert was noticeably drier DSCN9886and barren.DSCN9875 We continued our up and down ride along the Mexican border.DSCN9885

Though well before noon, at 29 miles we reached the only stop for food.DSCN9890 A delightful spot in the shade, plus good food.DSCN9894We continued along the border for the next six miles, a constant up and downDSCN9898 until the road fed directly into the Interstate and our downhill began. The signs warned of strong winds and possible side gusts, they were right.  The 20h winds kept us clutching our brakes, sometimes with white knuckles, for our entire ride down. An occasional stop was the only opportunity to photograph the increasing barren terrain DSCN9907that looked more like piles of rocks, DSCN9908than mountains. It was a tenuous ten mile, 2500 foot drop into the dry and hot Yuha Desert.IMG_1838 The wind that had cooled us all day, blew hot at our backs (a great silver lining) as we pedaled down a road that seemed to go forever.DSCN9910A few miles down the road, we escaped the heat in one of the finest of fine accommodations in the history of our tours.DSCN9914 No internet (or much of anything else), but the shower was hot and the AC cold.  The only dinner choice was the local bar DSCN9915offering frozen and/or microwaved food, but it worked.  On our walk back to the motel, we noticed the winds had increased considerably; we only hope they have calmed by the morning.  Fourty seven miles today, as we try to ease into this tour and not chomp off more than we need to….HA!


7 Responses to “Day 2. Sunday, April 24 – Pine Valley to Ocotillo, California”

  1. David Says:

    Rugged but beautiful scenery! Jealous!!

  2. Karen Says:

    Know exactly where you stopped. Remember the 50’s design restaurant well. You’ll be going past an iconic old motel, will try to find the name, where John Wayne stayed. The Wall will be a frequent on route sight for you. We got to know the border patrol real well.

  3. Karen Says:

    Jacumba Hot Springs Resort (now). At the time we stayed there, it was prettymuch a dump. From the pictures, looks like it’s been upgraded.

  4. Paige Says:

    Knowing how important dinner is to both of you, I am so very sorry for your frozen onion rings…better food ahead!!!

  5. Justin Says:

    Fine accommodations and glad the lazy lizard had a microwave and food for you. Hope the warm breeze is at your back tomorrow

  6. Joann Says:

    Hey y’all.Looks like y’all have covered alot of ground already.Stay safe. LUV ya

  7. MaryEllen Says:

    Seriously – NO ONE said anything about the “wall” between us and Mexico – no Trump references – REALLY? I must have to catch up after being gone for 2 weeks across the pond where there was no talk of our politics…. (kinda nice really) hee hee

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