Day 3. Monday, April 25 – Ocotillo to Brawley, California

Monday 25 April 2016

We woke to a howling wind, the tattered fencing banging hard against it’s post and palms bending mercilessly in the wind driven sand.  But the direction was out of the west and we were heading due east; time to enjoy the ride.  First however, we had to backtrack westward to get on course.  We attempted to pedal it, but the wind kept blowing us the other way; the only choice was to walk our bikes (or get blown over).  It was a slow push, but soon we were facing east and coasting with the wind. DSCN9918 Even at 7:00 a.m. it was a comfortable 60°, as we began our ride without breakfast.  The only place in town didn’t open until eight, so we choose to head out early and get our first meal in the next town.  The desert was a flat,IMG_1847 dry dust bowlDSCN9926 silhouetted by the Coyote Mountains to the northDSCN9920 and a very rough road beneath our tires.  Had we not had the non-stop speed bumps of the under maintained road, we could have managed 20 mph while barely pedaling; small price to pay, though, for the incredible tailwind.  We passed Plaster City; DSCN9934no city just a manufacturing plant for plasterboard.

An hour later the dry sand turned green,DSCN9943as we biked through miles of agricultural fields.DSCN9951  It took us just over an hour and a half to reach 25 miles and breakfast at a local diner,DSCN9957 great choice.

Thoroughly stuffed, we continued our ride; little did “I” know our course would slowly turn north.  The pretty farmland framed by palm trees DSCN9963turned back to sand; the horizon hidden by the blowing sand. DSCN9964 We now paid for the tailwind giftDSCN9960 we’d been granted on the first half.  Our last ten miles was a struggle against the broadside wind,DSCN9968 often stopping in an effort not to be blown over; it took us 20 minutes to go the last mile and a half.  But the day had remained cool; by the time we checked in, it was still in the 70’s  The short 42 miles today was an effort to rest for tomorrow’s long ride; not sure the 17 miles fighting the wind helped.

The winds were still howling at 30 mph when we walked across the parking lot to the best restaurant choice in town.DSCN9976Today was a Fabulous culinary delight; between the delicious breakfast and the perfect dinner, we did not even miss not having lunch.

9 Responses to “Day 3. Monday, April 25 – Ocotillo to Brawley, California”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Looks like a lovely start to the trip! Hope the wind calms down soon.

  2. Ken Says:

    Dinner looked great. Was that veal marsala?

  3. Doug Carter Says:

    Trek on!

  4. travis Says:

    Hi there! Finally got on the web site and spent the AM catching up on your first days. I’m exhausted reading & imagining the ride effort. You certainly have had a variety of conditions, already. Clear blue skys seem a constant. I like the photo of JB riding into the sunrise. Not flying the Flag this trip? Haven’t seen it wedged into the back bag…maybe I just didn’t see it by the Dawn’s early light. Go East Young Man & Lady. Later.

  5. Courtney Says:

    Are you having to wear a mask in that dusty desert?

  6. Sharon Groh Says:

    You guys are an inspiration! I’d be calling the airline. Hope your next day is somewhat easier. Safe travels!

  7. Karen Says:

    With your long day today, and staying in Blythe, you won’t have to stay in a trailer in Quartzite, but look for the world’s largest belt buckle when you pass through there. How’d you like those dune areas? The ATV’s were a bit irritating.

  8. Phil Reif Says:

    Well I can see you two are at it again
    Making me feeljealous. Your rides are a summer staple for me. I love to feel your pain.It brings up memories of my 2 crossings.I’m in Arizona for the month. Had surgery on my left toe and can’t put a bike shoe hiking either. Have an ambitious summer planned. Hope all is healed soon. I’m excited to follow your adventure once again. Keep the rubber on the road,the wind at your back,the road straight ahead. You will have another epic trip.I will look forward to reading your postsite and following your progress. Good luck.Phil reif.

  9. MaryEllen Says:

    Now that looks like some good food! Hope the wind blows at your back the rest of the way!

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