Day 5. Wednesday, April 27 – Blythe, California to Salome, Arizona

Thursday 28 April 2016

Little did we know when we began, how much we would enjoy our quiet two mile bike out of town;DSCN0144just about the only flat stretch we would experience the rest of the day.  The “climbing” began with a short walk up a dirt path DSCN0150to the bridge that would take us over the Colorado RiverDSCN0151 and into Arizona.DSCN0166 A few minutes later, we had to get on the interstate for a long and loud ride with the trucks. DSCN0159 Though the shoulder was wide, the road/tire wire and glass kept us focused down.IMG_1893  We crossed dry river beds,DSCN0168 saw lots of Cowboy cactus (Saguaro)DSCN0202 and enjoyed the varying hills (from a distance).DSCN0175

We took advantage of every possible water and shade stop.  This rest area had exotic green trunked treesIMG_1891 and other critters IMG_1890we’d prefer not to see.

Climbing was slow but steady, even with a 12 mile stretch on the highway;DSCN0177 it took us two hours of biking to go only 17 miles.

Our return to a quiet service road took us past Dome RockDSCN0186 and more beautiful desert mountains.DSCN0176  It was only 11:00 a.m. when we choose to take advantage of a food break at a truck stop.  A good lunch and freshly iced water bottles, we returned to the interstate on our eastward trek.  The southwest wind reminded us that, though the sun was hot, the temps were still in the low 80’s; a very pleasant day.

Blooming wild flowers,DSCN0197 exotic treesDSCN0184 and cacti,DSCN0171 wild animals DSCN0217and continuous climbing filled our afternoon.  A short ride through a nice valley, again offered variety we were not expecting….DSCN0227…the sign was right (look at that swirling dust)IMG_1911  This couple mile flat stretch had an eire,DSCN0229 ominous feel.IMG_1908  But our little valley soon came to an end and once again we climbed;DSCN0244 the wind now behind us and offering a much needed boost up our last hill.  The “town” of Hope was six miles from the end of our climbing for the day; we hoped this sign DSCN0240was not an omen.

Our last mile into town, left us with some misgivings DSCN0259as to whether it was now a ghost town.DSCN0258  But our motel, though scrappy on the outside, was clean and comfortable inside and dinner was across the parking lot and delicious.DSCN0263

Our 63 mile day, included three good climbs.  Still hungover from our long ride from the day before, we were (once again) exhausted……kinda felt good!

5 Responses to “Day 5. Wednesday, April 27 – Blythe, California to Salome, Arizona”

  1. Ken Says:

    Welcome to Arid Zona. It looks very dry!

  2. Robyn Says:

    Getting inspired to start Sunday morning bike ride! Seriously 88 miles in one day…..that’s equivalent to 3 Sunday morning rides. Safe travels ….enjoying the pics?

  3. Doug Carter Says:

    Dianne and I, and the kids lived in PHX – Peoria – from 2004 until 2006 – we were always in awe of the desert – the cactus – we never really knew how big they were. Enjoying tagging along!

  4. Pam Says:

    Hi guys! Trying to get caught up tonight as this is the first opportunity to peek at your blog/travels. Looks like you’re off to your normal over achieving. Walked my legs off in NYC this past weekend……I’m sure I couldn’t keep up with the two of you. Safe travels!

  5. travis Says:

    U R obviously finding more scenic variety for pix. Those sunrise shots (particularly today’s) have a nice black & white quality. Great camera and bike work.

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