Rumor has it……Trip IX 2017 – The Coastal Social

Tuesday 18 April 2017

We are Still here and about to begin a new ride with a different attitude……so says us… this moment!

The plan is a shorter distance with lots of stopping at local haunts, cafes, bars, etc. etc. along the way; thinking Coastal Social.  And just in case any of you do not recognize this kinda talk coming from us (we certainly do not), it really is……

Hope you join us for our planned venture to begin on the west coast of Florida.  We have destinations in mind, but might become so enthralled with the Florida lifestyle, we may become real snowbirds and go house shopping.  So you will either see lots or pretty homes or lots of pictures of pavement, who knows where we will end up.  But hope to see you along the way……wherever that is!!

(Hope to start pedaling this weekend!)

9 Responses to “Rumor has it……Trip IX 2017 – The Coastal Social”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Great news!! Enjoy every moment of discovery … looking forward to your warmhearted travel posts …. with laughter, light, love, namaste Elaine

  2. Mary-Ellen Says:


  3. Morgan Says:

    Hooray! The adventure begins again. We all are looking forward to the pictures (you always pick good ones) and the delightful commentary which accompanies each days post. Enjoy the ride and shopping! You can have Jerry carry the loot since he made room by leaving the tent at home : – )

  4. Rob Says:

    Brilliant, have a great safe trip.

  5. Donna Cowan Says:

    Safe travels! I may be on the west coast of Fla mid-May. It would be wild to see meet you down there if our paths cross! LOL

  6. Lisa Bocrie Johnson Says:

    Enjoy the coast of Florida…especially the West Coast…that is where we lived and went to Anna Maria Island, Long Boat Key, St Armond’s Circle, Sarasota…go to Siesta Key Beach…pure white soft sand…There are lots of good food, bars, etc down that route. Make it to Sharky’s Pier in Venice. I will be in Orlando next weekend but still not close enough. Enjoy the sunshine and salt air 🙂

  7. Paige and Barry Says:

    Happy pedaling!

  8. Courtney Says:

    Happy Pedaling… one of our fav’s Treasure Island… and the Wharf in St. Pete Beach has awesome shrimp.

  9. Rita Says:

    Hey you two!!! When you know how soon you will be passing Beaumont, let me know. Will have a Texas sized margarita and nice comfy bed for you to rest up for next phase!
    My cell is 409-880-6274

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