Day 5. Tuesday, April 25 – Punta Gorda to Cape Coral, Florida

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Yesterday’s humidity was gone, so 73° felt cool and crisp.  The wind was still strong, but now from the west, so directly to our side.  We caught a glimpse of the darling town of Punta Gorda as we left.  “Savanah Style” homes (for lack of the correct architectural term) lined the streets and the shopping centers were lined with trees, very charming.

Today we had the option to take a different road south, so we jumped at the chance to get off the busy highway of yesterday. As we rode by the Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park, we enjoyed the trees, decent roads and a brief sighting of our first alligators.  As soon as we entered Lee County, though, the shoulder disappeared and we balanced our bikes on the narrow white line as cars, trailers and dump trucks navigated the two lane road past us.  We were happy when we reached the turnoff to Pine Island and could get off this road, even though the westerly trek had us facing directly into the wind.  We decided not to go all the way to Pine Island, but did stop on the causeway for lunch with a view.

After lunch, we found a fabulous bike lane just off the road and were once again able to enjoy the sights and hundreds of canals.  The trail led us through neighborhoods, affording us a chance to see the area homes.  Somewhere in our sightseeing we missed a turn, but we did meet Ziggy from West Virginia; now retired and living the dream in Florida.

Our neighborhood excursion actually got us closer to our hotel than we thought.  A short ride through the pretty town (with wide bike lanes) of Cape Coral and we were checked in by two o’clock and at their lively Tiki Bar by three!We found a local place around the corner, short on atmosphere, but big on food and flavor. With a weeks worth of pasta already consumed, a delicious choice of blackened Salmon with Asparagus sauce and a Seafood Platter was the perfect choice after a short 40 mile ride!  A slow stroll around town finished off the evening.  Tomorrow we drive (yes, in a car) to Key West; details later.

4 Responses to “Day 5. Tuesday, April 25 – Punta Gorda to Cape Coral, Florida”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Did Jerry put his thumb out on the two lane road to hitch a ride to Key West instead of taking the ferry : – )

    The scenery is lovely and tropical, it reminds me of summer when it is 60 here!

  2. Lisa and PaPa Says:

    Pop and I are looking at your posts today and looking good. WE love all the photos of the water, seafood and creatures. He is headed south tomorrow and looking forward to seeing yall next week. Be safe and enjoy the view. Love you both. Lisa and Papa

  3. Ken Says:

    The gators were waiting for their first sighting of you! Have fun in Key West!

  4. Justin Says:

    Driving so all those guys on their way to the keys won’t slow down and pinch Jerry’s ass?

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