Day 8. Friday, April 28 – Key West to Marathon Key, Florida

Friday 28 April 2017

Even starting before sunrise, the temperature was 77° and the heat index was 90°; this is going to be a hot one!

We pedaled down for our obligatory picture with our bikes of our Key West start.  The photo is fuzzy because of the humidity on the lens.

And a slow start it was; within an hour I managed two flat tires; we had not even clocked eight miles once we finished the tire changing. Once past the Key West mayhem and out on the open road, we felt the breeze the weatherman had predicted.  Thankfully, it kept us cooler in the thick humid morning.  We passed mangroves,a million boat related shops and finally the gorgeous sea.  By ten, we’d only pedaled 27 miles, but we were tired and hungry.  Though we stopped at the first place we came to, it was absolutely delicious (and the a.c., wonderful).  But we inhaled our meal so quickly, we did not manage a photo.

Refreshed and back out on the road the wind had picked up several notches (as in 15 mph) and was blowing directly in our face.  We took refuge on the bike path, when available, but every bridge was a challenge.  However the water color was amazing, every possible shade of beautiful surrounded us.

Hot and already beaten up by the wind, we knew Seven Mile Bridge would be a challenge.  We stopped a few times on the bridge, just for a break from pedaling into the wind (and to take a picture) but  never imagined it would take us nearly an hour to get over the bridge.  Even the amazing water was beginning to loose it’s appeal.  Another mile after crossing the bridge, we collapsed into the first place with cold refreshment.  Though only two and a half miles from our hotel, we took a long stop, pedaled another mile for lunch and an hour later checked in.

Across from our little motel is the Cracked Conch Cafe, no website, no menu posted, but if you ever go through Marathon Key, we highly recommend stopping.  The New England Conch Chowder is amazing, as is the Seafood Platter (not your ordinary platter) and Conch Stuffed Chicken.  And don’t forget dessert; Key Lime Pie is on the menu, but we could not resist the Death by Chocolate!  It was a hard fought 54 miles today, but dinner made it worth it.

5 Responses to “Day 8. Friday, April 28 – Key West to Marathon Key, Florida”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tell us again, WHY did you choose Florida in the summer? Are you crossing paths with Bob and Cheryl down there? Lots of gorgeous pictures, but I especially like the one where you captured the stripes of color, right before the windy palms.

  2. Joann Says:

    Your pictures are great as usual. Love the color of the water.

  3. Betsy Says:

    Happy to see you “on the road” again!

  4. Justin Says:

    Tough riding day. Good looking meals!

  5. Mary-Ellen Says:

    Ok, why do I have to point out that you chose “collapsed” and “death” albeit by chocolate in the same posting! Why you gotta give a girl something to worry about! ha ha ha ha ha Glad you made it out of there. 🙂

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