Day 10. Sunday, April 30 – Key Largo to Cutler Bay, Florida

Sunday 30 April 2017

The wind was still blowing hard when we pushed away an hour later than yesterday; our legs needed every bit of rest we would allow them.  It was only a 45 minute pedal on a tree lined bike path, before we turned away from the Keys and onto the Crocodile Causeway; now the wind was at our back and what an enjoyable difference.

Our first bridge was a high-rise and for the first time since Key West, we were pushed up and flew down without pedaling. Once again, traffic heading south was heavy and light in our direction.  There was really nothing but marsh and fields as we glided past the Southern Glades.  So it was strange to see a canal and boats along the highway.

We were feeling pretty good after the 21 mile wind assist, as we entered the civilization of Florida City. Though the traffic on Highway 1 had been relatively light, we were ready to get away from the noise.   Our course directed us to the South Dade Trail, an ample path a block off the highway and directly beside two dedicated bus lanes, nice and quiet.We traveled past the Homestead City Hall and Circus, which seems rather redundant, yes!?

But this trail had us heading northeast, so the east blow was problematic.  We stopped for an early lunch and long rest while we contemplated going further than our planned stop.  But the last six miles with the 20 mph wind and stronger gusts, convinced us to stop at 45 miles and rest.

Our stroll to dinner was cooled by the still blowing wind, much easier when you are only walking two blocks.  We noticed on our walk back from dinner, the clouds had built and the sky had darkened.  The minute we walked in our door, it poured.  We only hope this will either (or both) cool the temperatures or calm the wind.  Find out tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Day 10. Sunday, April 30 – Key Largo to Cutler Bay, Florida”

  1. Bill Says:

    Regarding the canal and boats, that was no doubt the Inland Waterway which runs from New York to Florida.

  2. Jim Says:

    Hey guys,
    Watching your progress and decided to join you, in Va Beach. Rode yesterday and today. No wind or bridges in the park and had to settle for chops on the grill and a bottle of J Lohr Syrah. Are you carrying some great Key Lime pie back for a Friday night treat?

  3. Mary-Ellen Says:

    10 days in Florida and no croc pics – just a sign? Keep it that way! Hope they never show their face…. 🙂

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