2017 Factoids and Follow-up

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Tampa to Key West to Virginia Beach or The Coastal Social

Although we were plagued by flat tires (four), broken spokes (three) and a frozen gear shifter that cost us four days in a hotel room, we could not have been happier with our bike tour.  A year ago our lives were turned upside down; bicycling the last thing from our minds.  If this is the worst it gets, we’ll take it; needing a bike repair means we are healthy and biking.

Life is good, but God is Greater; so thankful to be here!

1732 Total Miles
    (shortest distance)
42 days total
    (second shortest by days)
includes 9 days of sightseeing, ferry rides and repairs
    (two more than any other trip)
52 miles a day average
close to 5 hours (4:48) a day average on the bike seat

States Covered
23 days in Florida
4 days in Georgia
6 days in South Carolina
8 days in North Carolina
40 miles in Virginia

Thank you to all that followed our blog this year.  A special thanks to those that commented along the way (you really did help in so many ways) and to the three ladies that left welcome smiles on porch for our return.

Also, thank you to ALL for your thoughts and prayers from our last year’s Trip Interrupted!  Who knows if we will do another tour, guess we will all have to wait and see.  In the meantime, we have sunsets to enjoy.

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