2018 Tour – Anniversary Edition

Monday 16 April 2018

To Tour or Not to Tour?

That was the question we seriously asked each other this year.  A lot of back and forth discussion revealed we both really wanted to, we just were not sure whether we could, but we definitely conceded this may be our last year!   But for now, “we” agreed to take it slow, have lots of days off and enjoy the ride and not worry so much about mileage…….laughing yet, shaking your head?  Well, I am!

Our intended ride begins in San Antonio, south to Corpus Christi, then up the Gulf Coast through Florida to the East Coast.  We have yet to figure out if St. Augustine is our final destination, but that is at least a month away from planning.  If you are along the way, drop us a line and maybe we can connect.


3 Responses to “2018 Tour – Anniversary Edition”

  1. Sheryl & Gary Says:

    Awesome! Have a wonderful time and do enjoy at meal at Harry’s in Saint Augustine! There are many numerous B&B’s in Old Town and you can walk everywhere!
    PS – Cousteaus makes amazing Breakfasts too!

  2. Paige and Barry Says:

    fingers crossed all “adventures” are good ones!!!

  3. Pat Says:

    Following you guys daily;enjoying all the photos as usual. Ride safe!

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