Day 1. Sunday April 15 – San Antonio to Karnes City, Texas

Monday 16 April 2018

It was 47 Frigid degrees as we mounted our ponies and headed out of the sleeping town; strange to not see any traffic in the seventh largest city in the U.S.  It took nearly an hour for the sun to creep above the buildings and treetops to offer us some hope of thawing our frozen appendages. We are sure, as the days go along, we will wish for these cool temps, but not this morning.

The highway outside of the city remained almost void of traffic and not much of anything else to see; we were just happy just to be back on tour.  Of course, there was the occasional What in the World  or Huh.

The two lane divided highway took us through the small town of Floresville,then over gently rolling hills and endless countryside with gorgeous live oakswith the occasional tractor trailer to interrupt the quiet.  By 11:30 we really needed a seat break, so grabbed a lite lunch, a huge iced tea and then returned to the highway.  Our previously spacious highway was under construction, so wide lanes were reduced to singles and the shoulder was gone.  Thankfully, the Texas drivers were considerate of our slow speed and offered us space.  After several miles we regained a nicely paved shoulder and could ease off the throttle (and tension).  By early afternoon, we were really feeling our lack of long mileage training. The next town was only six miles away, but we thought it prudent to call it quits here.  Our entrance into the small town of Karnes City was not encouraging, though the Karnes County courthouse was impressive.    The town offered zero dinner choices on a Sunday (everything closed), but we quickly resolved a potentially miserable evening with a bottle of Bogle (from the gas station) and pizza delivery.  Not fancy, but exactly what the doctor order after a 59 mile first day.



10 Responses to “Day 1. Sunday April 15 – San Antonio to Karnes City, Texas”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Karne’s county must have quite a few criminals to support that impressive courthouse. Looking forward to following your next weeks.

  2. Kim Says:

    Not sure if 1st comment went through, so I’ll repeat
    Karne’s county must have quite a few criminals to support that impressive courthouse. Glad you guys were able to continue the tour this year. Look forward to all the great pictures. Take your time and enjoy the view.

  3. Creesta Says:

    Have a wonderful, wonderful, injury/illness free adventure. I’ll be checking in on you every day. You can always visit me if you want to be warm and relax. The food sucks though. See you this winter. <3

  4. Rob Says:

    Hi both,
    Interesting start to your ride, hope all goes well take it steady and have a safe ride.
    Better luck with dinners next time. ??
    Best wishes

  5. Liz Seal Says:

    Sending prayers for an enjoyable tour. I enjoy reading about your travels. That’s the only way I would enjoy it. Travel mercies on your adventure.

  6. Dianne carter Says:

    That’s a lot of miles for no long training for day one. Take it easy!

  7. April Says:

    Enjoying the pics!!! Looks fabulous!!!

  8. Carolyn Harris Says:

    Love your trip and look forward to next issue. Be safe. I am still breathing and just hanging in, but life is good.

  9. Bill Says:

    Still cool here, not missing much, surf on Monday. Great pics. Stay Safe.

  10. Mary-Ellen Says:

    Was that SSSAAAWWWWEEEEETTTT tea with lunch?

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