Day 2. Monday April 16 – Karnes City to Beeville, Texas

Monday 16 April 2018

A shorter ride today, gave the opportunity to sleep in and get a later start.  So when we pushed off at 9:00, a gorgeous, cloudless sky and comfortable 68° morning awaited us.  Traffic was heavy, but the road was freshly paved with a nice shoulder and the countryside spectacular.  Less than a half and hour into the ride the (mid-day) forecasted head wind came in packing a punch.  We had not been traveling that fast on the gently rolling hills, but now we were using every climbing gear we had to make forward progress.  For once, we relished the passing trucks for the half second break in the wind and the little push their draft offered.  But within an hour the traffic faded and we were left to face the wind on our own.  Thankfully, the scenery helped to distract us from the wind assault.  Fields were still green from the cooler winter and recent rains.  By lunch, we had been pedaling hard for two and a half hours and only traveled 20 miles, but we needed a rest.  Hydrated and satiated, we continued on our slow trek, stopping at every historical marker and shade tree along the way.

As we approached our destination, we decided to take the business route, hopefully to loose some traffic and maybe find shelter from the wind; the traffic disappeared, but there was no hiding from the wind.  We limped into our hotel at 3:00 (wind still howling) and soon discovered the price of a nice hotel for the evening, was no close restaurants.  Once again we ordered delivery, but this dinner was Amazing!  Baked pasta filled with loads of huge shrimp, bacon, chicken and spinach, topped with cheese.  Wind long forgotten from our 38 mile ride. today; except for the same winds are forecasted for tomorrow…..but that’s tomorrow.



5 Responses to “Day 2. Monday April 16 – Karnes City to Beeville, Texas”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I love your cycling adventures, photos, and commentary.
    We met on your first cycling tour, in 2008 in Carson City Nevada;
    (you kindly loaned me a Mac power cord overnight)
    We shared breakfast conversations, your planned itinerary, … and I am
    a loyal fan of your exuberant generous spirits


  2. Linda Pound Says:

    Always great to hear that you are on another adventure. I will be following along. Have a great time!

  3. David Bailey Says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip ! Be safe and I look forward to seeing it unfold !

  4. Joan Moyer Says:

    Argh, Mateys,

    Fair winds and following seas (make that “breeze”) and long may your big jib draw….

    Oh yeah, and may your poop deck remain dry.

    Bon Voyage!!

  5. Mary-Ellen Says:

    Huh – the town died after the advent of the automobile…. now, everyone wants to go back to “before” there were all these cars…. life – funny like that

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