Amsterdam, Netherlands – Wednesday May 18

Wednesday 18 May 2011

So what does one do in a city with 400,000 bikes?  Apparently Walk ……. for SIX straight hours!

Does this guy look like a tourist or what……….camera and all?

Sure Amsterdam has 37 museums,tall blondes (male and female) everywhere, lots of smokers, lots of bars, what seems like more canals than streets, but what is really amazing are all the bikes.

The respect for the bikes is amazing; a separate bike lane, even a separate light at crosswalks for walkers, bikes and cars. Rush hour takes on a whole new meaning with the pedalers on the street.  When the street light changes you look for bikes, cars and trolleys all poised to run you over.

The bicyclers, however, are the most intimidating; they’re quite, riding fast and talking on the cell phones. So sorry Robyn, no photos of museums, just bicycles, bicycles and more bicycles.

Notice the parking is for bikes (and mopeds), not cars, maybe not such a bad idea?

We did manage to see a bit more than bikes.

Miles of street market offering every kind of (legal) item you could ever want to purchase (and a lot you would never consider buying),

fruits and flowers

and lots of nuts!

Tomorrow we’ll see if we can get another picture or two that does not include a bicycle.

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  1. Lori Lester Says:

    Hey Guys, heard in the news that the measles virus has surfaced again in Europe. They are suggesting adults get vaccinated. May want to check into this…glad you made it safe. Have fun. LoriBeth

  2. Dave Says:

    What is that material covering JB’s legs?? Is that long pants?? Weird.

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