And So It Begins

Saturday 26 May 2012

Wow, this is tough to start….. and I do mean the blog AND the ride.  Arrived in Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday morning and miraculously made the very wise decision to get a taxi to our hotel, instead of putting the bikes together in the airport and riding into town.  It took us almost a half an hour to get there by taxi and that’s at 100 mph; but we made it to our hotel safely.  Our hotel is quietly nestled between the small towns of Estoril and Cascais, all easily accessed by the a huge boardwalk along the Atlantic Ocean.The area is much like what Del Mar is to San Diego, charming, spectacular weather, lots of shops and restaurants, but a lot less expensive and the view from our room……let’s just say, we took a lot of pictures from the balcony.

So far, we’ve found Portugal magical and seductive, yet the people are warm, friendly and very helpful.  Our first day, we wandered up and down the streets of Cascais in a jet-lagged stupor, yet enjoyed the sites and whimsy of this delightful town.

We however, enjoyed the waterfront the most, note the walled in swimming pool.

As much as we’d like to spend many more hours walking the streets, we are tired.  We find a quaint side-street restaurant, and even before ordering are enjoying fresh baked breads and local cheese and olives.

We’re going to turn in for the evening, but will show you more of Portugal tomorrow.



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