Cascais & Estoril, Portugal – Saturday, May 26

Sunday 27 May 2012

Saturday is market day is Cascais, so we strolled into town to see what it was about, passing many beautiful homes along the way.

The market offered lots of local fare:  fruits and vegetables, flowers,cheese, bread, olives and lots of fresh fish (many we did not recognize). We strolled the streets, poking our head in a few interesting shopsand watching the children enjoy the beautiful day. Continuing along to the seaside, we watched sailboats enjoy the crisp breeze, people play on the beach and everyone enjoying their Saturday. As we headed back to our hotel, we stopped for an afternoon snack of chilled gazpacho and fresh tuna sandwich ……we better start biking soon!!  But not without a quick walk to Estoril.Once again the wide boardwalk made the walk an easy one.Estoril seemed to have a much more local flavor; not as many tourists,but still a magnificent coastline.On our walk back to our hotel, we were treated to a sky writer,a nice ending to a lovely few days.  As the afternoon comes to a close, we begin our final preparations for the upcoming day….Yes, we are finally going to get on a bike and ride!

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