Day 2, Monday, May 28 – Setubal to Porto Covo, Portugal

Monday 28 May 2012

Once again our day began with fabulous sunshine and a breeze to our back.  We catch a glimpse of an old nunnery on the hill on our ferry ride across the Rio Sado to Tróia, a peninsula of land that resembles the Outer Banks (before development). On the ferry we met a group of bikers from Norway, whom we passed as they took a break.Loblolly pines, Eucalyptus and pastel colored scrub brush stretched for miles in every direction. It was more than ten miles before we saw any civilization and that was just a small village that worked the rice fields that were now covering the sand.  Rice fields melted into wine and citrus crops.

How anything can grow in the sand is amazing!

The aggressive hills returned after lunch and this time we were treated to a close look at Cork trees with their bark removed.We also met Hans and Anna from Holland.We had thought to stop for the day in Sines, but Hans advised heading to the next town, so we continued to Porto Covo.  Five miles before our destination, we hit the coast;what a Fabulous recommendation.  It took us a while to get to our hotel as we stopped for so many pictures (even more at the bottom).

The town of Porto Covo is very neat and clean, but odd; we’ve tried to figure out a better description, but can’t put our finger on it.Seems as if all the color and personality is hidden inside. Of course, this did not keep us from enjoying the town, vistas and food.  As the wind picked up and the sun began to set, we strolled back to our room to rest after our 51 miles.  Apparently, we have a long and arduous day ahead of us.

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  1. Travis Says:

    Wow, looks beautiful & great biking. Keep having fun & posting. Ride on!

  2. Jerry and Lori Says:

    thanks man, YOU keep commenting and we’ll keep riding (or as jerry says, eating!

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