Day 4, Wednesday, May 30 – Aljezur to Sagres, Portugal

Wednesday 30 May 2012

We were greeted at breakfast by blooming cactus, that had been closed tightly last evening.

It was much warmer today at 75, but then we got a much later start since the breakfast did not begin until 9 am; and we were not ready to give up the fresh baked bread and delicious coffee.  The hills we knew we’d run into today, began right away and were with us our entire ride, but it was a glorious morning.  The topography of rolling hills filled with lush green trees was beautiful.

It was not long into the ride when we knew we had turned toward to the coast; the unmistakable wind from the Atlantic and a 10 degree drop in temperature.  We couldn’t really see the sea, but we knew it was there in the distance. The rest of the ride remained cool from the ocean breeze at our back :-).  As we crested one hill the vista changed dramtically; 

gone was the lush vegetation but the hills remained.The sky has been incredible all day, so one shot dedicated to the clouds in the sky.

Just before we reached Vila do Bispo, we dropped from the hills and had an incredible wind assisted 8K to Sagres; we are SO going to suffer biking into this wind tomorrow, but that’s a long way away from right now.

The terrain on our five mile whip to the end was very wind worn,obvious in town as well.A quick ride around the center circle and we found a nice place to stay and our bikes to rest.Though the view from our room was spectacular, we had purposely made our ride short today as we wanted to see the other sites of the southwestern most point of Europe; the beginning of the famed Algarve!  Since the lighthouse (Rota Ste. Vicente) was four miles away, we jumped on our bikes and slowly fought the headwind out to the point.Incredible viewswell worth the struggle.On the ride back we caught a glimpse of one of the many spectacular beaches in this area.

We made a quick stop at an incredible Portugal artesian pottery shop, but since I’d already purchased my Portugal souvenir from this nice couple

there was no more shopping to be done, not to mention the weight of carrying pottery the rest of the trip.  The only thing left to do was a couple shots the townthen dinner.  Italian tonight, followed by one very delicious piece of chocolate cake.And though we cannot see the sun set directly, we can capture it’s glow on the cliffside.Tomorrow after our five mile backtrack, we head east for our trek through the Algarve.

3 Responses to “Day 4, Wednesday, May 30 – Aljezur to Sagres, Portugal”

  1. Kim Says:

    I didnt see a picture of the dinner but the chocolate cake looked great. Love the pictures, glad you guys are having a good start to the trip.

  2. Travis Says:

    Glad Lori found a big chair to rest on & Jerry found a phallic bratwurst to balance on his arm. Must be easy to be a Portuguese house painter – just load up on white paint. Really looks clean & beautiful – I wasn’t expecting the palm trees. I’m spending the weekend in Chesapeake house-sitting & feeding my sisters cats & 35 CHICKENS. Thanks for the great pix & descriptions. Continue the fun.

  3. Bill Says:

    Great pics….keep pedalin

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