Day 6, Friday, June 1 – Armacao de Pera to Tavira, Portugal

Saturday 2 June 2012

Today, on our hike out of town, we were greeted with an enthusiastic honk from a car that had slowed beside us…….it was our host from last night, wishing us a good trip.  It was a warm cheerful smile to the cold, overcast and very windy morning we were riding in to.  From our room we could not tell the direction of the wind, but knew as soon as we were on our course, it was going to be a long day. The city of Armacão de Pêra has a lot of high rises, on the beach and several miles inland, but not much else to see.Once again, we rode along the highway, but with the wind in our face as strong as it was, we saw very little for the struggle of biking the hills into the wind. It is a good thing the two of us enjoy biking as much as we do; tough to understand for many , but it’s good to be in the saddle…..maybe not for 5+ hours, though.  Given our course, however, it seems this trip will be more of a ‘destination’ ride; not as much scenery along the way, but hopefully, the towns we stay in.

We passed many orange and tangerine orchardsas well as stands selling two and an half pound bags for just over $1.00.

Needing a break and Faro just up ahead, we took a turn into town.  Managed to find a nice park bench along the water and out of the wind for lunch.

Faro has a nice waterfront with a pretty park and center square.

Much like yesterday, for an hour after lunch the ride was ‘relatively’ flat, still a head wind, but not as much climbing; always appreciated.  But the break did not last long!  Our course did turn slightly north, so the headwind we’d been facing all day, was slightly off our shoulder; we’ll take it.

Thankfully, the town we had planned to stay in was at the 50 mile mark, so we could stop for the day.  Travia is a quaint port town, where we were fortunate to find a room by the water.  A stroll around the town

and a shot of one of the doors the town is famous for.

And lastly, another great choice for dinner, which began with a scrumptious octopus salad.That’s all for today, good night!

6 Responses to “Day 6, Friday, June 1 – Armacao de Pera to Tavira, Portugal”

  1. Justin Says:

    Looks like you’re off to another great trip. Great shots of Portugal

  2. Apryll and Joost Says:

    Looks like you are having a good start of your trip in Portugal. The scenery and towns look pretty, very Mediterranean. Love seeing all the parks. Looking forward to follow your travels! Live it up and keep on pedaling; who knows what’s around the next corner… All the best!

  3. Jim & Denyce Says:

    JB and LB
    Pictures tell a thousand words and yours tell a great story. Be careful if you try taking pictures in one of the many bull rings.
    Jim and Denyce

  4. Bill Says:

    Enjoy…..Keep posting and pedallin……Missed you on the ride today…..Windy.

  5. Randy and Karen Says:

    We enjoy seeing your newest adventure on the bikes! The photos are so amazing as well as your summaries! Randy is still riding his bike a lot and I am still falling off mine! Enjoy your trip!

  6. Jerry and Lori Says:

    Hey, great to hear from you guys……biking in Spain is like biking in Colorado where you guys are….however….we haven’t fallen off our bikes yet, but we have plenty of time to do so…..especially after finishing a liter of Sangria 5 minutes go…

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