Day 7, Saturday, June 2 – Tavira, Portugal to Huelva, Spain

Monday 4 June 2012

We left this morning to a cool (70 degrees) no wind (yippee) overcast morning.

It seemed as if overnight we transitioned into rural roads, less traffic, taller trees and everything just seemed greener.Stopping to take pictures was easier, so I was finally able to capture these lush bushes that have lined the roads for days.

It took us only a couple of hours to reach the end of our ride in and a ferry to The half hour wait for the ferry and the 20 minute ride gave us an opportunity to catch a couple of photos of Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal and a first look at Spain We will miss the friendly people and delicious wines of Portugal; let’s see what Espana has to offer.

The port of Ayamonte was colorful and loaded with tourists; but unfortunately, we spent a good hour + trying to communicate (she spoke NO English) with the internet provider, so we could have some kind of computer map in Spain, so not much touring of the town.  Once on the road, we noticed the homes to be much larger, but mostly miles and miles of farms, our favorite was the fragrance of the strawberry fields After what seemed like hours of riding in the middle of nowhere we run into this young man selling potatoes and cherries (a curious combination)Though he spoke no English, these two were able to communicate enough to relay a shortcut to our destination….let’s ‘hope’ Jerry understood as it was already past 3 pm and we had quite a ways left to any kind of town.  It was a wonderful new course on a newly paved road through a forrest of pines. Even though the shortcut probably shaved an hour off our ride, we did not get to our hotel until 5 pm and we were tired after five hours of biking.  But we had to see the city.  Seemed as if everyone was out for a Saturday afternoon stroll or coffee.
But a parade we were not expecting, Robyn this one’s for you. 

parade in Huelva, Spain

After an hour of touring, we needed to have dinner before we feel asleep…this is when we were told that the restaurants did not open until 8:00 PM…..are you kidding??  We stopped in our hotel and she said the restaurant around the corner would be open in 10 minutes, that we could wait for.  And though it was the only choice, we could not have chosen better.  First an incredible bottle of wine and home baked bread, followed by a Huge side salad

and then dinner,which I can only describe as delicious.  A complimentary toast from the restaurant was a perfect ending to our day.


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