Day 9, Monday, June 4 – Day Off in Sevilla, Spain

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Never quite understand the term “day off” when we walk almost as many miles as we bike in order to see all the sights, but that is why we are here, so off we go to see Spain’s fourth largest city.  We will try not to post the close to 200 pictures “we” took today, but it will be tough.

Our first stop is the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza (bull fighting ring), which is now a museum dedicated to the sport; but there are still matadors everywhere.

The streets are beautifuland there are grand buildings everywhere, this one is Hotel Alfonso XIII.And they are huge, this building covered an entire city block (a large city block); this is the Patios de la CartugaThe attention to detail is amazing.We strolled through a park, cooled by huge treesand adorned with statues.Sevilla’s most visited attraction is Plaze de Espana and we can see why, spectacular!

This building really does go on and on forever, yet every inch has remarkable detail.Hope you’re clicking on these to see the pictures bigger

This is the ceiling of the covered walkway that goes the length of the building.Ok, two more pictures (there will be more below, too)and then we’ll move on.They’ve done a fabulous job of lining the streets with trees and there seem to be gardens everywhere.We needed a break and refreshment and just happened to find a nice local place.  Wasn’t planning on anything more than water/beer, but the octopus salad was too tempting to pass up and most delicious.Refreshed and ready for more, we are upon the Weathervane at Catedral de Sevilla.This is the largest cathedral we have ever seen.  Found this aerial view that gives some idea of it’s size.Every corner you turned there was more cathedral.

We continued along the shaded (note the covers above) streets, window shopping and people watching.   One last refreshment stop and the Best Sangria we’ve ever had.Thanks for sharing our tour, see you on the road tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Day 9, Monday, June 4 – Day Off in Sevilla, Spain”

  1. Dick Says:

    Check out the Gonzalez-Byas (sp??) sherry in Jerez. Been awhile since I was there, but it was really good!

  2. Bill Says:

    My most vivid recollection of Seville in a cooler time of year, and a lifetime ago, was the fact that any man who was any man on the street sported a beautiful dark cape with red or green lining flung open over one shoulder to expose the color. I REALLY wanted to bring one home, but my poor student budget wouldn’t permit it. Where on earth could I have worn it here anyway? Your photos are fabulous, but you can keep the octopus or sqid salads for yourselves.

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