Day 40, Thursday, July 5 – Narbonne to Meze, France

Thursday 5 July 2012

It poured last night and into the early morning, even heard rumbles of thunder, which we hoped would be done for before we checked out.  Though our tired cramping muscles did not want to leave the most comfortable bed we’ve had this whole trip, the rain had stopped so out we went.  We pulled out into very gray skies

and cool (not quite 70 degrees) temps, but the field of sunflowers warmed the morning.It did not take long for the wind to join us as we rolled through towns and vineyards and up and down hills.  Even with the dark skies and wind in our face, it was a lovely cool morning ride.At the top of one of our hills we caught a glimpse of the beautiful Cathedral Saint-Nazaire in Béziers.  But since we were only skirting the town, this is all we saw of it.We crossed this canal about a half dozen times and felt we were back in northern Europe, especially with the continuous threat of rain.  As a side, we’ve found the roads in France are narrow, not in the best shape and seldom have a shoulder and the people drive really fast, but they have been considerate.

The sun made an appearance as we enjoyed our picnic lunch and the sights along the canal in Agde.As we headed out of town, had a strange occurance, French people asked Us for directions!Of course, no one understood what the other was saying, but at least this time we knew where we were going.  We continued our beautiful ride through vineyardswith vines just beginning to bare fruitand the port town of Marseillan.A big Semper Fi to Le Marine Bar,where is this in Norfolk or Virginia Beach?The town of Mèze situated on the second largest lake in France, Étang de Thau, is very much like the last port town we rode through, quaint, quite and lots of boats.We enjoyed the wind from our terrace overlooking the lake as we rested from the tough ride.  As we strolled back to town, artisans were setting up for the evening to sell their creations.Luckily, the French have a much more reasonable time to open their restaurants.  By seven o’clock we were enjoying a huge bowl of seafood soup garnished with fresh cheese, a tomato and anchovy saladas well as an incredible plate of shellfish, raised just off the shores from where we were staying…..Outstandng.  Fat, happy and 50 miles under our (tight fitting) belts we headed to bed as the last night faded in the sky.

5 Responses to “Day 40, Thursday, July 5 – Narbonne to Meze, France”

  1. Billy Bob Says:

    Great pics….don’t eat too much

  2. travis Says:

    A fine bike day – cool weather, varied riding conditions and scenes, ending with a gorgeous sunset. Bon chance.

  3. Jerry and Lori Says:

    travis, didn’t realize you spoke so much french 🙂

  4. Bobby Says:

    Three more pictures of “Jerry’s Butt”, for a 40 day total of about 50. Zero pictures of Ms Lori’s. You are killing me. I vote for a change.

  5. Sharon Groh Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I know you are enjoying the trip. Be safe and let us know when you get back to “the real world.” haha! Miss you both.

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