Trip V (2013) Coming Your Way!

Friday 14 June 2013

Have you noticed how Big our Country Is?

Apparently, we are going to measure each and every mile by bicycle!

Our Fifth bike adventure begins in less than a week when we fly to Seattle.  From there we will (for the most part) follow the “Northern Tier” route (purple line on this map) hoping to see old friends and meet new ones, as we make our way back to the east coast.  We’d love to see you if you are along the way and as always, LOVE the comments!

Gotta get packn’ and figure out which Duckies will join us!

2 Responses to “Trip V (2013) Coming Your Way!”

  1. Don Says:

    Safe flight(s) Look forward to following your exploits–it will surely give Jerry something new to do! Onward!

  2. Lynne Walton Says:

    Jer and Lori, I am so glad to see you have a visit to Waterton Park, Alberta planned. It is an obsolutely beautiful part of the province so please try and keep it in the plans! Good Luck. xoxo Lynne

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