About Our Next (2012) Trip

Friday 25 May 2012

In my wildest dreams of yester-year I would have never imagined we would do a bicycle tour.  Going across country…….are you crazy?!?

Never mind, it’s really is a rhetorical question.

So, here we are three long trips later, planning on doing it yet again.

Our “intended” course begins in Lisbon, Portugal, follows the Atlantic Ocean south until we reach the Straits of Gibraltar; then with the coastline on our right, we will head to Rome, Italy.

That being said, as we prepare for this (and every) trip, we each have specific tasks to get us ready.  One of Jerry’s many tasks is figuring out the course, something I don’t really concern myself with (just no time for such a luxury) until we actually head out.  Well the “ignorance is bliss” was ruined the other day when some said, “There is no easy way over the Pyrenees, is there?”……….WHAT!! This trip will prove to be a mountainous challenge, pardon the pun, especially after last year’s dedicated bike paths and relatively flat (ie: NO mountains) course.  “If ya’ scared, just say ya’ scared”……… ok, SCARED!!  As for how many miles??  From the map below, it looks like a long, long way!

We hope you will join us all along the way and as always, we look forward to hearing comments from you.



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