Day 1 Friday, June 21 – Mount Vernon to Marblemont, Washington

Saturday 22 June 2013

It is tough to talk about the first day of pedaling, when you begin writing at the end of the day.  Hence, we depend on photos…….ah yes, the Beginning…..when training, eager anticipation and exploration meet.  We rose at 5:30 to catch the train, leaving behind the comfortable confines of the hotel and the city.

Finally started pedaling just before 10 am and were almost immediately plunged into the Rainforest of Washington state.

The density of fur, spruce and pine allowed only an occasional glimpse at the source of rushing water.

Each turn was bordered with towering trees

and an occasional field, grains still green with early growth.

Our ride today started in very crisp high 50’s and overcast; quite cold to walk into, but felt good once we warmed up, which did not take long.  The ride today was a constant low grade climb, the kind that doesn’t look like it is going uphill, but required a constant effort to pedal. We followed the Skagit River and crossed many creeks that fed it. It was not until mid-afternoon that we began to see some blue skywarming the day to almost 70, but only when we were in the sun, otherwise it remained cool; the threat of rain remaining just in the distance.

We finally made it to our destination by 4:30, totally spent after 59 miles and six hours in the saddle!  Usually exuberant after our first day, we silently wondered if our previous training was not sufficient or our old bodies just weren’t responding like they used to.  Either way, it was a Great way to spend the Summer Solstice.

9 Responses to “Day 1 Friday, June 21 – Mount Vernon to Marblemont, Washington”

  1. Don Says:

    Too bad your bikes aren’t bigger so you could carry just a LITTLE MORE stuff! Off to a good start…….

  2. Justin Says:

    Off to a great start! Did have your welcome home cocktail tonight, but i bet i can find another one for when you get home. Enjoy the mountain scenary and the ride

  3. David Says:

    Hey Kids;
    Beautiful pics. I hope each day is safe. Miss you here. There will be a crab stuffed filet for you when you get back!

  4. Bill House Says:

    Safe travels and try to take a rest day once a week.

  5. Creesta Says:

    Hi kids – Bella and I are looking at your pics. Hope you get to see breathtaking Mount Ranier. Ride Bocries Ride

    btw Nation will be feeding and watering Bella while I am away.

  6. Paige and Barry Says:

    You are in my old stomping grounds… where a tan is unheard of! Happy pedaling!

  7. Kurt Says:

    Love the mist on the mountain shots! Love to hear how the camping is going at some point. Pedal safe my friends!

  8. Sandi Says:

    You guys rock! Me…. I would have stayed in the hotel with all the creature comforts! You will get stronger each day… As you always do! Be safe. :). Sp

  9. Jerry and Lori Says:

    jerry, did you hear what billy bob said???

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