Day 4. Monday, June 24 – Mazama to Okanogan, Washington

Monday 24 June 2013

Slept soundly (10 hours) with the crisp mountain air coming through the windows while being tucked under double down comforters.  By the time we got out of the door at nine, all that remained of the overnight rain hung on the mountains, or so we hoped.  Though the morning was overcast, it was still a beautiful ride.

It helped that the morning portion of the ride was rolling hills, allowing time to enjoy the “simple” things.

The dense forest that had surrounded us for days, opened up to the beautiful Methow River Valley.

It took us an hour and a half to reach Winthrop, where we had planned on staying last night.  Though it looked like a cute town, we still cherished Sam & Katie’s cabin last night.  The winds previously hidden in the thick forest, now took full advantage of us as we rode along the river valley.

Shortly before noon we stopped for lunch in Twisp, our last outpost before our destination tonight.  The only thing that lay between us and Okanogan was a 12 mile straight up mountain.  Experience has taught us not to eat a large meal before a big climb, but we also knew we would need the fuel of a Rueben and Cheese Steak sub to get us to the summit.  Our nice lunch rest allowed the rain clouds to catch up to us; as we pedaled away from Twisp it started to sprinkle.  Luckily, during our twelve mile climb it never actually rained, just a mist to sprinkle, which gave the fields a healthy glow.Though this climb was steeper than yesterday’s, thankfully it was slightly shorter and (we hope) our legs are finally getting used to what we are doing to them each day.  We took our time, resting often and finally made it to Loup Loup summit by 4 pm.Lesson learned from yesterday’s decent, we stopped to don warm clothes and dry gloves.  We sailed down the 18 miles; apple (red delicious and gala) orchards being the only thing notable, but not enough to stop and photograph. The first ten miles of drop was steep enough to not have to pedal, but gradual enough to not need brakes; not having freezing rain in our face helped, too.  Finally made it to our hotel by 5:30; six and a half hours of hard riding and 58 miles completed, it was time to stop.

2 Responses to “Day 4. Monday, June 24 – Mazama to Okanogan, Washington”

  1. Dianne & Doug carter Says:

    Wow. We are loving reading about your adventures this time. You must have amazing endurance. A guy a the bike shop in Boston told us the first 300 to 400 miles of your trip would be the hardest. I will be interested to see if you agree. Stay safe. Love us.

  2. Jerry and Lori Says:

    Doug….approximately 230 miles into our journey and it is some tougest cycling we have ever done. We have some serious climbs for the next two days and in another week we attack Glacier National Park mountains. Our bodies are looking forward to North Dakota……I never thought I would be saying that!

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