2013 Factoids and Follow-Up

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Coast to Coast II

Seattle, Washington to Bath, Maine
Northern Tier Route

3847 total miles

73 days total
3 days off (2 less than our first cross country and 1 more than our shortest ride)

Most mileage in one day – 90.6 miles – Havre to Malta, Montana
2 days over 80 miles
9 days over 70 miles
14 days over 60 miles
22 days over 50 miles

363 hours on a bike seat

Only 1 night of tenting

Almost 6400 pictures

States Covered
9 days in Washington
1 day in Idaho
10 days in Montana
8 days in North Dakota
6 days in Minnesota
7 days in Wisconsin
6 days in Michigan
6 days in Ontario, Canada
8 days in New York
1 day in Vermont
2 days in New Hampshire
1 day in Maine

and 2 new duckies

As always, millions of wonderful memories, great rekindling with family and old friends and meeting of new friends.  Thanks for everyone who commented along the way, it helps and we enjoy it, tremendously.

Until we meet again!

2 Responses to “2013 Factoids and Follow-Up”

  1. Morgan Says:

    It was an awesome trip! Thanks for all of the pictures and commentary! I’m looking forward to the next trip already.

  2. Ramsey Says:

    J&L, You guys are good. Next time leave the damn tents at home. Love and kisses, r

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