Here We Go Again…….2014 Edition

Friday 27 June 2014

After an absolutely luscious night of deep sleep, we awoke to a beautiful view DSCN7140from the Stark Penthouse, deep in the heart of London.  Though we could not hear the music, we are sure we saw the chimney sweepers scurrying from the rooftops.

Our host fixed us a bikers breakfast (eggs, back rashers, toast, melon etc., etc.), as if we are refueling from  a weeks worth of 100 mile rides.  Still working out the cobwebs from the red-eye flight, as well as the bugs in the camera equipment, so we missed the meal photo.

Finally made it out of the door by eleven for a leisurely tour of London.  “Leisure” by most people’s standards would be to hop on a double decker bus and watch the sites go by.  Taking a tour led by Morgan, is much like Jerry leading a tour……on bike, at breakneck pace in heavy traffic coming from every direction (all from the wrong side of the road); no problem!  We were looking forward to seeing all the sites that London is famous for, with all her pomp and circumstance; so naturally this was our first

Silly idea, but it made for good

We quickly adjusted to the mass hysteria that constitutes traffic in any big city,DSCN7012taking pictures as we rode and enjoying being back on the bikes;

DSCN7015 stopping only as necessary for important picture taking.DSCN7073

Yes, we did manage pictures of The Tower Bridge,photo-4 taken while standing on The London Bridge, the Shard,DSCN7061St. Paul’s CathedralDSCN7040

a city street dating from 1293, DSCN7056though we believe this fountain is a bit more contemporary.  We stopped at the remains of Christchurch Greyfriars, DSCN7034creatively redesigned as a living garden in perfect harmony with architecture of the former Wren Church from the 13th century.DSCN7036

There were sites to see everywhere;DSCN7029 I missed whoever had just walked by, but pretty sure the boys got a good look.DSCN7050

While covering a good bit of the famous sites, British color DSCN7063and character were never far

We wheeled past Sherlock Holmes’ homeDSCN7005 and Maxwell Smart’s office.DSCN7038

It was getting late, so we flew by the Eye of London DSCN7091in order to reach Big Ben on today’s tour.DSCN7093But as you can see by the clock, all we had time for was a quick kissphoto-5

and photo of Parliament photo-13before our date with the Queen.

When the boys realized that “tea” with the Queen did not include adult beverages, we did a quick circle around Buckingham Palacephoto-7 and scurried into London rush hour traffic past Horse Guards Parade DSCN7117and back to the Stark Casa.  Our seven hour, 19 mile tour was a great introduction to this city of nine million people.

6 Responses to “Here We Go Again…….2014 Edition”

  1. K-W Says:

    wow–that’s some first day guys…will be hard to top, but I’m sure you will try. Have a great trip!

  2. travis Says:

    And so it begins – off to a wonderful Stark (I mean start)- looking forward to following your new adventures. Tally ho!

  3. Bill Says:

    You no doubt had the photos touched up to make the sky look blue.

  4. Jerry and Lori Says:

    Not at all, the weather has been stupendous, but we have yet to ride… stay tuned!

  5. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Looks like it was much easier getting around on bikes that aren’t hauling all your worldly possessions….

  6. Ramsey Says:

    If I didn’t have you guys my life would be soooo boring. Vicarious living doesn’t let you feel the burn thought.

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