Day 4. Tuesday, July 1 – Framlingham to Norwich, England

Wednesday 2 July 2014

The city square was bustling with the set up for the Tuesday morning market, photo-3beautiful from our bedroom windows.  We began our day with a fabulous breakfast of smoked salmon and eggs on a toasted bagel photoand fabulous toast and jam.  I usually don’t get that excited with breakfast, but this was outstanding.

There was no sun or wind, yet a comfortable 60° as we pedaled away from our quaint town, noticing the castlephoto-4 that we apparently missed on last evenings walk.  Even in the grey skies the countryside,photo-6 farms and manor homesIMG_0101 were beautiful.

We rolled up and down through twists and turns as tight as a zipper.  As much as we were enjoying the scenery on our (postage sized signed) National Cycle Route 1, we also liked to make forward progress, we needed a new plan.  In Harleston, after biking 17 miles to a ten mile destination, we stopped to sort things out;photo-8 thankfully, Jim also stopped to assist.  He offered a couple of route suggestions, a couple places in town to possibly buy maps, as well as a place to eat in the next town.  Unfortunately, our map quest was not fruitful, but I did get a lesson in how to properly say Norwich (strong G, not ‘ch’).photo-10  Just short of the town of Bungay, a car drives by with a friendly honk and pulls to the side of the road; it was Jim.  Though we were not (yet) lost, he had retrieved a couple of maps and tracked us down to offer them to us. photo-14 We were delighted, as we had yet to find these kind of maps in the various bookstores and petrol stations along the way.  We bid our goodbyes again and headed for a little lunch.  Jim had mentioned the place was a local’s favorite and frequented by bicyclists;  this should have been our first indication of size.  Wanting just a light lunch, I opted for the sausage and onion pie, “assuming” it would be like a slice of quiche with a parsley garnish,photo-16huge but quite tasty.  Just as we were finishing, we met another friendly chap, Joe Skipper, a professional triathlete.joe  We discussed various routes and must-see scenery.  And as much as we would have liked to stay much longer, the food in our stomachs was luring us to complacency.  Joe was kind enough to lead us to our route then send us on our way.

The roads we were now on were a bit busier, but we still managed to roll past countryside,photo-13marketsphoto-11 and homes hugging the road.  photo-17We could see Norwich in the distance perched upon a hill and spilling into the valleys below.  We had no idea how large it was.  We biked through town,photo-18 along the water’s edge for a bit until we found a place to stay for the evening; properly positioned beside the stunning Norwich Cathedral,photo-20 founded in 1096 and set upon 44 acres,photo it is one of the finest complete Romanesque building in Europe, with the highest Norman tower and largest monastic cloisters in England.  A sight to be seen and unexpected treat.  We did a small walk around our neighborhood, as the long days and mileage (48) were starting to take their toll.

5 Responses to “Day 4. Tuesday, July 1 – Framlingham to Norwich, England”

  1. Marck Weiss Says:

    So how does one “miss” a castle? I think there’s there’s too much fabulous food in this jolly ol’ hamlet to focus on.

    Joe seems like a breath of fresh air, a nice enough and quite helpful chap. The map was a nice gesture. I think if you run across him again, you have a groupie (It puts the lotion in the basket).

    That Norwich Cathedral is amazing. I remember studying it in art history. Interesting trivia: The new cathedral (built after the Norman invasion) incorporated a monastery of Benedictine monks. I think Jerry should investigate this further. Just think, authentic Benedictine!

  2. Marck Weiss Says:

    Correction: Jim, not Joe, and my apologies to him if you run across him again. Maybe you can share your new found stash of Benedictine with him.

  3. Morgan Says:

    Jim is an awesome man! People are quite friendly and helpful in small town England. The light lunch looked like it would fuel the entire day! Glad things are picking up and the weather has improved.

  4. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Jim is now my favorite person in the world! What a nice person. I’m so glad there are still good people out there. I’m practicing my strong “G” in Norwich… will need a refresher lesson when you get back.

  5. Jerry and Lori Says:

    True Marck, it is tough to miss a castle, but food and drink were our fist and final priority.

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