Day 8. Sunday April 22 – Port Lavaca to Palacios, Texas

Sunday 22 April 2018

In the old days, we would have cranked out the 55 miles into the north wind to get to Bay City,  but with this new attitude to take it slower, we opted to do the mileage in two days.  Maybe we are getting wiser!

It was a very crisp 63° degree, with the wind chill in the 50’s, when we left late this morning.  The sun was glistening off the water and there was not a cloud in the sky, absolutely gorgeous.  Just yards from our door, we crossed the three mile bridge to Point Comfort with no way to hide from the 16 mph wind, tough warm-up.  Thankfully, our northeast direction avoided a full frontal assault.  The tall structures in the distance are a manufacturing plant and oil refinery, both went on for miles, but provided good wind protection.  With the smooth road, little traffic and occasional line of trees offering protection, the ride was enjoyable and scenic.  Farms and ranches lined the road as far as we could see.  A slight turn and our route skirted several bays with vacation homes and long docks stretching into the shallow waters.

We pedaled the outskirts of our destination town in search of the grocery store for needed supplies.  One turn from the store and we were on a quaint tree lined street; lawn mowers and the occasional  barking dog was the only thing to break the quiet.  Reaching the waterfront, we were even more surprised at the lack of development and flashiness; this was the largest home on the water.  It was so peaceful.

Not knowing what to expect, we were surprised at how large our waterfront historical Luther Hotel was.  It was a lot of fun taking a step back in time and looking at their wall of fame (includes Rita Hayworth and Harry James).  On the way to dinner, we strolled through the small town and quiet waterfront, only a few families enjoying the beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The only restaurant within walking distance was Mexican, but this was a Fabulous find.  Bacon wrapped shrimp, fajitas and the absolutely freshest and best guacamole and pico de gallo we have ever had at a restaurant.  Not sure our 30 mile day deserved all this deliciousness, but…….we are on vacation!

6 Responses to “Day 8. Sunday April 22 – Port Lavaca to Palacios, Texas”

  1. Don Martin Says:

    Sounds like a great Sunday ride. The food looked delicious–just don’t go for the romaine!!

  2. Betsy Says:

    So glad you are stopping to “smell the roses” this time! Enjoying your blog and living vicariously.

  3. Morgan Says:

    Did Jerry put a quarter in the wind machine disguised as a phone??? At least the is alot of beautiful scenery to keep your mind off the wind.

  4. Annita West Says:

    It has been years since we visited Palacios and did not visit the hotel. Looks like a possible mini-vacation site! I am anxious to see what you find in Bay City. My parents lived there a few years and we visited often. My mother opened Bryan’s Gallery there as a ceramic class and retail location.
    Smooth roads and light breezes!

  5. Mary-Ellen Says:

    Not many of us know what Jerry is talking on in that picture! Rotary dial and pay phone to boot! I’ve been to Palacious as a kid – I do remember it being nice and quiet and warm. 🙂

  6. travis Says:

    Sounds like you had a really good day. Good weather (if a little breezy BUT I know Jerry always insists on doing some wind-effect training), light traffic, good variety of scenery, nice town, fine hotel, & excellent food. Wonderful!! Glad you are taking time to enjoy it all. Hope you have many more like this.

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