Day 9. Monday April 23 – Palacios to Bay City, Texas

Monday 23 April 2018

Left at 8:00 this morning, much earlier than normal for a short ride, but we’d already toured the small town and coastal homes and breakfast was toast and coffee, so not much to linger for except one last photo.  Another gorgeous morning; sunny, crisp, 58° with a very light breeze out of the north.  It was a pleasant ride with the exception of the rough road.  We relished the small stretches of smooth pavement, only to be disappointed when it did not last.  But with ample shoulder and extremely courteous drivers, we really could not complain (too much).  Pretty farm houses and wild flowers again our entertainment.  This building was compelling from a distance, like a huge house with massive columns; it is a organic seed preparation plant.

We reached town by 11:00, wildflowers and a pretty park welcoming us in.  Tried to slow down, but there was just not a lot to see; an early lunch was in order.  While waiting at a stop light, we asked someone their suggestion for something other than a Mexican lunch.  Two block later we stopped for a most amazing lunch, The Fat Grass.  Had it not been for the recommendation, we would not have even realized it was a place to eat.  The menu was deliciously extensive, but we both opted for the lunch special.  So mouthwatering, we have to share the details.  An hour later, we pushed away from the table, pedaled the remaining miles and were fortunate to be able to check in early.  We spent a few hours planning our next several days and all of a sudden, it was time to eat again.  Only 34 miles and this is what we eat?  Definitely not a tour we will loose weight on.


4 Responses to “Day 9. Monday April 23 – Palacios to Bay City, Texas”

  1. Don Martin Says:

    Make sure to include some cheese in your diet!!!

  2. Morgan Says:

    It’s good to see the wind has calmed a bit for you. Lunch looks fabulous!

  3. travis Says:

    Howdy, again. Another fine day in the saddle. It’s great you are finding such tasty local dinning spots. Keep sniffing ’em out.

  4. Newest Fishy (aka TerryB) Says:

    Those white wild flowers are so unique and beautiful.

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