Day 10. Tuesday April 24 – Bay City to Lake Jackson/Clute, Texas

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Our little highway was bustling with noise when we pushed away at 8:30.  Once we settled into the rhythm of our pedal strokes, the traffic thinned out and we almost had the road to ourselves.  The morning was warmer (68°) than we have had, but the humidity was low, the light breeze cool and comfortable.  Small homes and business were dispersed among farms with wonderful old growth trees.  All this countryside was suddenly replaced with a massive chemical company that stretched for miles.  Fortunately for us, there was not large truck traffic to go with it.

Once past the plant, we turned off the highway to our first country road since beginning this tour; the contrast was dramatic.  We glided along ten miles of small farms, country homes and treelined streets….…and a Willis.  Once back on the highway that would lead us into town, there was still very little traffic and the shoulder wide and smooth.  In fact, today’s course was the best roads we have experienced so far.  A quick stop at a bike shop for supplies and course/road advice and then on to our hotel.

Lake Jackson is a big area with a lot of hotel choices, but we picked tonight’s lodging based solely on the proximity of an Italian restaurant.  The choice was a very good call; a basket full of amazing fresh bread and a combo plate of five different delicious pasta dishes topped with mozzarella and baked together…..Oh My!

We are enjoying our new attitude of shorter distances, today’s 42 miles was perfect.

4 Responses to “Day 10. Tuesday April 24 – Bay City to Lake Jackson/Clute, Texas”

  1. Brian Sagedy Says:

    Pedal away grasshoppers, pedal away

  2. Newest Fishy (aka TerryB) Says:

    Wise call on how to choose your lodging:)

  3. Mary-Ellen Says:

    Wow – this was your best day – the pictures are wonderful! (good food to boot!)

  4. travis Says:

    Soooo, is there any significance to the picture on the bike shop window? A foxy cyclist and a rodent cyclist? I’m just saying. Watch out for road animals.

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