Day 2, Sunday, June 29 – Harlow to Colchester, England

Sunday 29 June 2014

It was a cool morning and the wind made it quite crisp; but we were happy to trade the rain for wind, even if it was in our face.  We quickly dropped on to a bike path and a tunnel of trees, DSCN7358protecting us from the wind.  Many twists and turns led us from path to country roads, DSCN7371which is where we met Doug and Rob; IMG_0068we traded stories while enjoying their British humor.

The countryside was gorgeous and the weather glorious.  DSCN7365

We passed lovely manor homesDSCN7361 and small villages and many stone churches.DSCN7373For most of the morning, we traveled the exact route that Tour de France will be following for Stage 3 (July 7); look for these pictures on the telecast. DSCN7384 The love of biking was evident by the numbers we saw on the road and various other displays.DSCN7374

Too soon for lunch, but could not resist the photo.  DSCN7386By noon the wind was howling and the skies had greyed, dropping the temperatures ten degrees.  We pushed on for another hour and found the perfect place to take a lunch break,DSCN7396conveniently across the street from the Chelmsford Cathedral. DSCN7403 Our lunch break was the same time as yesterday with no more miles, due to our late start.  As we began to push off after lunch, it started to sprinkle,DSCN7410 but today we were prepared.  We donned our rain jacket, rain gloves and foot covers; we were not going to succumb to the same fate as yesterday.  Apparently, all the rain gear held the rain off; even with the overcast skies and occasional sprinkle it was a beautiful ride.IMG_0074  We felt like we were going in circles on these country roadsDSCN7418and barely navigatiable paths (note the flooded road on the right, which IS our course),IMG_0079  had it not been for the ever changing scenery.  But the day got to be long.  At five we entered a small town and desperately searched for a place to stay, but none were to be had and it was getting late; the next town was 10 miles down the road.  Thankfully, as we are about to push away for our last stretch, someone stopped and suggested we take a different path that led straight into town in a few less miles.  We pushed hard to get to a stopping point.  With no reservations anywhere and not knowing exactly where hotels were, we asked someone walking by.  The skies opened up and poured on us, as the gentleman politely offered directions and suggestions on places to stay.  By 6:30 we were checking in, exhausted after our slow 60 mile day.  Thankfully, there was a good restaurantDSCN7436 right down the street as we badly needed fuel. DSCN7434 Tomorrow “we” are promised a shorter day.

4 Responses to “Day 2, Sunday, June 29 – Harlow to Colchester, England”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Good food at the end of a long day helps drive the cold away………beer doesn’t hurt either ; – )

  2. Ken Says:

    Your lunch site had Coke Zero! Good with Pusser’s rum (or whatever is available)! You should have great weather the next 4 days. Enjoy!

  3. Rob Says:

    Hi to both of you, glad you made it to Colchester ok, hope you didn’t get too damp.
    Wonders will never cease….I managed to remember your name all on my own which was a surprise…now just got to figure out who I am…..
    Thanks for putting the photo up on the site but what I want to know is am I famous yet? You did promise….Not had anyone knocking at the door asking me to do tv shows yet…perhaps tomorrow eh?
    Looks like you found some nice place to stay and eat, hope the weather gets better, have you got a route planned apart from cycle route 1 and riding in streams? Cycle route 1 takes you to the Lake District…cycled there as well, hilly place but great views.
    Some nice pubs and scenery in North Norfolk if you are going out that way.
    Nice meeting you both, like the tracking device..clever..will keep an eye on where you get to.
    Safe riding and best wishes
    ( The hansom one….:). )

  4. Rob Says:

    Ok better put my two penneth in now because at the rate you guys are travelling it will be of no use to you in a couple of days…..
    If it’s any help…route 1 in Norfolk takes you in to Fakenham…not a great place…then on to
    Wells next the sea…..great fish and chips on the seafront, nice pubs set back above the town on the green. Good restaurants for eve meals…Plenty of B&B places.
    Before Wells next the sea.. about 5 miles in land , near route 1 …small village…Binham…nice pub, Chequers….good food….and best of all it’s own micro brewery, great beers, Binham abbey just round the corner to sit and ponder. Had many a good pint there in the pub.

    At wells next the sea route 1 takes you out on the spit ( toilets and cafe at the end…1 mile) then on through the Holkam estate…Holkham estate own just about all the sea front / beach area there…what a house and grounds…very English country house…very imposing.
    Beach from wells to Holkam estate is brilliant a few miles of sand dunes….Di ( my better half) and me have ridden it on the beach, hard going even on mountain bikes, route 1 track through trees is ok…..

    Anyway hope that info helps, it’s a brilliant area to cycle.
    Keep those pedals turning, safe ride.
    Best wishes

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