London Walking Tour, Friday June 27

Saturday 28 June 2014

Just for the Record, for the last three days we have (both) slept in to at least 8:00 a.m.  I will miss this luxury, but we certainly are enjoying it while it lasts.  After another Incredible breakfast, we head out to see just a few more sites of this fascinating city.  We took a quick trip on the original line of the World’s Oldest Subway (1863).IMG_0002

First stop, hot nutsDSCN7172 on the steps leading to The Tower of London, DSCN7173where Jerry spent a moment with Julius Caesar Augustus.DSCN7175We circled the outer wall of the moat,DSCN7182keeping an eye on the archer (shout out to Mark)IMG_0014admiring the wire sculptures representing some of the many wild animalsDSCN7186 that provided a layer of protection for the royals of years past.  Fun Fact: In the 1800’s the remaining animals were moved to the World’s Oldest Zoo (London Zoo-remember the Giraffes?).

We joined a tour led by the fabulously funny, Jim,DSCN7192a member of the Sovereign’s Body Guard of the Yeoman Warder Extraordinary (i.e.: a very entertaining tour guide).  He told of the Bloody Tower, the Ravens DSCN7210that are both the life blood and curse of the White Tower DSCN7202 and showed us the original Watergate, DSCN7195

There were tall castle walls,DSCN7219 more animals,DSCN7225 gallows and the magnifieienct Crown Jewels.  Thought the timing clever to first tell of the hundreds of decapitations and then advise you NOT to take pictures of the Jewels…..duly noted.  We did manage the obligatory photo with a BeefeaterDSCN7237and a few more of inside the castle walls.DSCN7214

We ended up at the foot of The Tower London for more picture taking. IMG_0037 Walking through 700 years of history had worked up quiet a thirstIMG_0049 and hunger.  DSCN7261Rested and re-fortified, we continued along Queen’s Walk enjoying the views across The River ThamesDSCN7252   walking past the quiet unremarkable looking, but Internationally famous London Bridge.  DSCN7277

The various layers of architecture from a several centuries was as varied and interesting as the people that stroll the London streets.  We hopped on a bus DSCN7299for a quick ride to Trafalgar Square,DSCN7290 regrettably shrouded in tents set up for the weekend’s festivities.IMG_0062

We’ve enjoyed immensely three days of gorgeous weather, quite atypical.  Tomorrow is calling for torrential rains and flooding; and though that does not seem like good biking weather, we think it best to separate the boys DSCN7272as well as not over stay our welcome from our glorious host and hostess.  We will miss our evenings with you, Morgan and Julie, as well as all the wine we shared; hope to make it back to you in a couple of months.



4 Responses to “London Walking Tour, Friday June 27”

  1. travis Says:

    so much to see/do in London & Wimbledon is in action – could spend 2 months there. Keep your bumbershoot at hand and Cherry Oh!

  2. Morgan Says:

    It was a brilliant time! Thanks for bringing the blue skies with you ; -)

  3. Marcia Kelsey Says:

    Looks like you two are getting a good start to the trip…you sure do know how to see the sites on a bike trip. Very intimate and connected to the people. I love it!!! Have a most safe and adventurous trip from now on…I think you are truly blessed!

  4. Pat and M.E. Says:

    Who doesn’t like hot nuts? Any Wimbledon player sitings? Well, Nadal, the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova all have time to site see now that they’ve been knocked out. ha ha

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